Thursday, 18 April 2013

Curry from the Heaven of India?

When you are a small little kid, there ought to be some delicacies that you might have tasted once or twice but at the same time, you still remember the delicacy up till today. And the post today have something to do with this. :)

'Putu Mayam'
If I'm not mistaken, the Indian stall in my Primary school used to sell this. The white
coloured 'Bee Hoon' or pancake looking food is a mixture of flour and coconut milk.
Basically, besides for the pancake looking 'Putu Mayam', you will also be given a small
portion of 'sweet coconut palm sugar' and 'grated coconut'.

Okay, so you have the dish, but how to eat it?
I'm not sure what the best way to savour it, but as for myself, I will tear off a small
piece of the 'Putu Mayam' and add a bit of 'grated coconut' or 'palm sugar' to it and
throw it into your mouth. You will be getting the super sweet taste of the 'sugar' in
one single bite easily. Therefore, I would strongly encourage you not to eat this dish
too often. Although the 'Putu Mayam' that I'm getting over here was much more bigger
than what I'm getting back then, but I still think that the texture of the 'Putu Mayam'
back then were much more fluffy. (:P)

So where can you give this delicacy a try?
The name of this stall would be 'Heaven's Indian Curry'.
It's located inside 'Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre'.

  • Opening Hours:
    6am - 2pm Daily
* Click here for the location of 'Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre' on 'Google Maps'.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Ghim Moh Market and Food

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