Sunday, 7 April 2013

Isn't just about the Lor Mee

Probably when someone started mentioning about 'Heng Hwa'(兴化) chinese crusine in Singapore, the first item that might be popping out of your mind would most likely be the infamous 'Lor Mee'. As for myself, though the 'Lor Mee' is pretty nice, but I think that there are some other speciality that were much more nicer than it.

Left: 'Homemade Beancurd'(自制滑豆腐)
Right: 'PUTIEN Style Century Egg'(糖醋皮蛋)
As for the 'Beancurd' dish, though the taste is pretty nice, but I personally find it
pretty ordinary. (Probably because the dished that appear after this gets more and
more interesting. Therefore...)

As for the 'Century Egg', if you have tasted the infamous Chinese dish, 'Sweet and
Sour Pork' before, the idea behind this dish is pretty much the same. And in fact,
if you only went ahead and cut a small piece of the egg and put it into your mouth,
the taste can be pretty much similar to the 'Sweet and Sour Pork'. However, if you
have chosen to put the whole slice into your mouth, you will realise that the taste
of the century egg is suppressing the taste of 'Sweet and Sour', which kinda defeats
the purpose of preparing the dish using this method.

'Steamed Prawns with Minced Garlic'(蒜茸蒸虾)
This is probably the 2nd time I'm trying this dish. Although the taste of the
garlic has almost completely suppress the taste of the prawns, but I still love
this dish. Not only the presentation looks good, the colours of the prawns are
attracting my attention too. And since the chef has split open all the prawns
into 2, he has also made it much more easier to gobble down all the flesh of the
prawns without the need of making your hands dirty. The nice mix between the taste
of the prawns and the garlic just makes it almost irresistible.:P

'Stir-fried Yam'(酥炒芋头)
This would be one of my favourite 'Heng Hwa' dish. To some extent, I personally
find this dish much more tasty than the infamous 'Lor Mee'. Each piece of 'Yam'
are pretty crispy on the outside and once you started taking a bite off the 'Yam',
there will be an outburst of the taste and fragrance of 'Yam' inside your mouth.
Although this is a pretty simple and ordinary looking dish, but trust me once you
started giving this dish a go, you will be hook on to it forever. As for the
drawback of this dish, it's slightly a bit oily and therefore it wouldn't be such
a big problem if you are sharing this dish with a few people. However, it might
ended up to be quite a challenge, if you want to finish this whole plate of 'Yam' alone.

'PUTIEN Rice Cake'(山里白粿)
If you have tried the 'Heng Hwa' infamouse 'Lor Mee' before, I think that the
idea behind this dish is pretty much the same. Except for the fact that they
using 'Rice Cake', instead of 'Noodles'. As for the soup base that they are
using in preparing this dish, I kinda love it. I love the idea of adding
crunchy peanuts to the sweet soup base. However, the 'Rich Cake' are slightly
a bit too thick and I still prefer to have noodles with this soup base.

'Deep Fried Tenggiri Fish'(炸马鲛鱼)
One good thing about this dish would be the fact that it's almost boneless.
Although this is a pretty common dish out there, but the on top of the crispy
texture that it's having, the fish meat still remains to be pretty firm and good.
However, I think that it's slightly a bit too thin and it will be great if the
chef can provide a bigger slice of the fish. :P

'Bamboo Herbal Prawn'(药膳竹筒虾)
My friends have also placed an order for this dish. By looking at the description
of the dish and how much they enjoyed the soup and the prawns of this dish, I think
that they have definitely enjoyed this dish very much. To some extent, this dish
has given me the impression that it's pretty similar to the Chinese dish 'Drunken
Prawns', but they are using herbal soup instead of Chinese wine.

So where can you give all these ;Heng Hwa' Chinese dishes a try?
The name of this Chinese restaurant would be 'Pu Tien'(莆田).
They have a few outlets island-wide and the main branch is located near 'Mustafa'.

  • Always do remember to make a reservation in advance, unless you don't mind wasting a trip to the nearest 'Pu Tien' restaurant located near you.

* Click here to find out more about the Chinese restaurant 'Pu Tien'(莆田).

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