Thursday, 27 October 2011

Things started off from a place known as...

Shanghai... Before we proceed any further, let us listen to the song "夜上海" from the late 40s.

Isn't it nice? I'm pretty amaze that this song was sang in the late 40s. (Note: this song was twice as old as I was, yet I knew about it, doesn't that make it more interesting?) Sometimes, I will prefer spending some time listening to all these oldies where the lyrics were much more meaningful and much more straight forward than some of the music nowadays. :D So what is the link between this song and our topic today?

Let us take a look at some pictures first.

As far as I could remember, I had been having numerous dinner at this place ever since I was a kid. Whenever we make a trip to the place, there will always be a long queue outside this store. This place only offer 1 kind of food and that would be 'Teochew Porridge'.

The photos in the above shows some of the dishes that we have ordered on that day. The dishes were so good that I had eaten 2 bowls of rice and a bowl of porridge to go with it. In fact up till now, I haven't come across a dish that I don't like from this place. But some of the most recommended dishes of the place would be the salted vegetables, minced meat, meat ball, fish cake, 'Tau Kee (Flat beancurd)', etc...

I finally get to order and try the Meat Ball after making my second trip there last month.
Aside from the fact that the Meat Ball is hard on the outside and soft inside,
the taste reminds me of the usual minced meat that you can find in a bowl of
Fishball noodles. But the Meat Ball was slightly more harder and juicier than
minced meat. Trust me if you happen to be in that area, you might want to give
this stall a try, especially when the price was pretty cheap too. :P
(The dishes in the above only cost me less than S$5 only.)

So what's the link between the song and this place? Because both the title of the song and the tall name has the word "夜上海" in it. In fact the name of the stall was "夜上海潮州粥".

Some additional notes about "夜上海潮州粥":
  • They were closed on Tuesdays.
  • You can ask for a bowl of curry sauce or braised sauce to go with the rice or porridge.
  • Besides the usual rice or porridge, they have a 3rd option that is "Aam", which is porridge without rice grain.
  • They are open 24/7 except for every Tuesday so if you are looking for supper, you know where to get it. ;P.

* Click here for the location of this place.

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