Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Just another dessert place

We were walking along Liang Seah Street and at the same time was looking for a place to sit and chill out for a few hours. We spotted this new dessert store towards the end of Liang Seah Street and decided to give it a try, especially when 'Ah Qiu' Dessert store across the street was always crowded.

Let us start off with food images first. :D

Double Chocolate Ice Blended(无敌巧克力冰沙)
Ice blended chocolate drink with a few pieces of chocolate on top.

Sago Cream with Honeydew(密瓜西米露)
Looks pretty normal but looks can be deceiving.

Green Tea and Red Bean Snow Ice(抹茶红豆雪花冰)
Having a Ice cold dessert on a hot afternoon really helps a lot.

They have quite an variety and it seems that Homemade Beancurd is their speciality.
I don't mind going back to the restaurant to try their Homemade Beancurd,
if I can find a few more people to share a barrel of Beancurd with me.
I'm looking forward the day I will be back for 1 barrel of Beancurd.
Seems pretty interesting. :D

Since I had mentioned about the location of the place in the earlier part of this post, this is how the place looks like from the outside. The name of the place would be known as 'Dessert First'(糖水先). Interesting name for a dessert store don't you think so?

* Click here for the exact location of the place.
^ Click here for more delicacies located along Liang Seah Street

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