Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hard to choose between Chicken, Mutton or Pork, how about...

Even had the problem of making the decision of thinking what sort of meat you want to have for lunch or dinner? I know that I always had such a problem especially when I always have the problem of having a big appetite. Hence I am going to satisfy your greed with not 3 but 1 dish.


Satay. When it comes to Satay, you wouldn't have the problem
of making a decision between Chicken, Mutton or Pork.
This is because you can always choose all 3 kinds of meat at one go.

But how do you appreciate satay? You can either eat a stick of Satay
either by dipping it into the peanut sauce and take a bite from the
satay stick or take a bite from the satay stick directly.
(This would depends on your own preferences. :D)
After finishing a stick or two, you can start digging into the
cucumber or the rice that comes with a plate of Satay.
Same theory applies to the cucumber and rice, you can choose to
dip it into the sauce first or take a bite directly.

This would be one of the Satay stall that I highly recommend.
It's located inside Clementi Market and Food Centre.
I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't get the Mutton sticks for dinner. :(
Although I couldn't get the Mutton sticks, the Chicken and Pork sticks
turn out to be pretty delicious. The texture of the meat were cooked just right.
It isn't too burnt or too raw. This reminds me of the days waiting for the
Satay man that will be pushing a small trolley around the neighbourhood
of Tiong Bahru almost every single day selling delicious Satays. Another +1
for this store for selling raw Satay sticks so that you can prepare it
at your own pace. But, since you are already in the queue, you might as well
just have the Satays here or buy a few packets of cooked Satays home. :P

* Click here for the address of the market located at Clementi Central,
  near Clementi MRT station
^ Click here for some other delicacies that you should try at Clementi Market
  and Food Centre.

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