Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's not a must to eat western food at air conditional place

Similar to the title of this post. In Singapore, it doesn't mean only air conditional place can server delicious Western food. Western food prepared in a coffee shop can be very tasty also. One of my favourite example will be... a chain of western food outlets known as 'Botak Jones'.

Let us start off with something differetn this time round. :D

This would be one of the outlets of 'Botak Jones'.
It is located in one of the coffee shops located along Depot Lane.

The above would be the menu of 'Botak Jones'.
The price that you are paying for a meal at 'Botak Jones' were pretty reasonable.

3 reasons to back up my statement in the above would be 'PET'.
'P' stands for the portion, which is amazingly big.
'E' stands for easy going. As most of the 'Botak Jones' outlets were located in a coffee shop, you can wear whatever you like and dine there.
'T' stands for tasty. I don't think any explanation is needed here.

Next let us move on to the food images. :D

This would be the large 'Cajun Chicken' set of 'Botak Jones'. Doesn't it look tempting...
(Let me drool for a few minutes...)

This would be the Large 'Fish and Chips' set of 'Botak Jones'.
This was my dinner for that day and after eating it,
the word 'PET' started popping out of my mind.

A closer look at the large 'Fish and Chips' set of 'Botak Jones'.
Not just the fish was delicious. The tartar sauce that was given with the set meal was pretty delicious also. It reminds me of my first encounter of the Tartar sauce from Mcdonalds.

Some notes about 'Botak Jones':
  • Some of the outlets of Botak Jones also offers 'Halal' food also.
  • The place can be very crowded during lunch and dinner hours. I would advise you to get there and place your orders early. Else please be prepared to wait for more than 30 minutes.

* Click here for the website of 'Botak Jones'.

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