Monday, 13 February 2012

Warning, Warning: Here comes the biggest plate of Mee Rebus in Singapore...

'Mee Rebus' a Malay delicacy, was probably something that most Singaporean have eaten it before. But do you know that you can also find a plate of 'Mee Rebus' that is much much bigger than your regular plate of 'Mee Rebus'? (Note: This is not a discovery channel... lolx)

Here comes the...
biggest plate of 'Mee Rebus' in Singapore.
It tasted the same as the other 'Mee Rebus' but that isn't the most
important point that I'm trying to make here. As for myself, 'Mee Rebus'
wouldn't be something that I would have for a meal. Especially when the
portion isn't very big. But as for this, this is something that I find
it pretty satisfying. I think just by ordering one plate of 'Mee Rebus',
you can already satisfy the stomach of 2 regular adults.
(Yes, I know I'm an exceptional case.)

So what other delicacies can you order from this stall?

If I'm not mistaken, the size of each and every plate of 'Mee Siam'
is similar to the size of the 'Mee Rebus'. XD So for all you crazy
'Mee Siam' eaters out there, this is like a dream come true. XD
One big plate of 'Mee Siam' or 'Mee Rebus' for a meal or two should
stop the urge of eating 'Mee Siam' or 'Mee Rebus' for a week or two?

The name of the stall would be Goody 'N' Jolly. It is located in the
basement 1 food court of 'Parkway Parade'.

* Click here for the website of 'Parkway Parade'.
^ Click here for the address of 'Parkway Parade'.

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