Sunday, 12 February 2012

After numerous post on Noodles, I suddenly realise...

After numerous post on Noodles, I suddenly realised that I haven't touch on the following dish at all, which was also an infamous Malay dish.


an infamous Malay dish, 'Mee Rebus'.
Let us go through the ingredients that were used in a bowl of 'Mee Rebus' first.
Let's take a look at the thick gravy first. Although the gravy is brown in
colour, the ingredients that were used were pretty interesting. Ingredients
that were used in preparing the soup are things like Potatoes, Soybean paste,
Curry Powder, Peanuts, etc. Looking at the major ingredients, it sort of
explains why the gravy was brown in colour.

And besides for the gravy , what else will you be getting in a bowl of 'Mee Rebus'?
Most of the time, a bowl of Mee Rebus will include ingredients like Noodle,
bean sprouts, hard boiled egg, firm tofu(Tau Kwa), green chillies, etc.

Here's another photo of the 'Mee Rebus', after mixing the ingredients
thoroughly. So what is so special about 'Mee Rebus'?
Firstly, unlike the Chinese that have been providing pickled green chillies
as a optional ingredient, the Malays uses fresh green chillies in most of
their dishes. Being a fan of Noodles and green chillies, there's absolutely
no reason why I would hate this dish. Secondly, the gravy is both thick and
sweet. If you manage to stir a bowl of 'Mee Rebus' thoroughly, the gravy
will reduce the spicy taste of the green chilli a bit. Hence you ended up
to taste the green chillies without having to worry about the spicy taste.
Last but not least, with the fact that once you have added noodles to a
thick gravy, the noodles will becomes soggy. 'Mee Rebus' isn't an exception,
therefore bean sprouts will added to a bowl of 'Mee Rebus' so that you will
still be getting a crunchy taste while savouring a bowl of 'Mee Rebus'.

The photos of the 'Mee Rebus' that I have shown in this post was prepared
by a stall located in a coffee shop located at the corner of Tanglin Halt
Road Blk 47. Frankly speaking, I love to dine in non air-conditional places.
Especially when these places were the best places to source for cheaper
and better food in Singapore. XD

  • If I'm free over the next few days, I will probably follow up with a post on one of the biggest or probably the biggest 'Mee Rebus' that you can find in Singapore.
* Click here for the location of the coffee shop.

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