Thursday, 23 February 2012

It's Time for the Wow Wow West...

Time to move on to the 'Wow Wow West' and nope, I'm not referring to the 18th century America with lots of cowboys riding across America. What I'm refering here would be the stall that sells western food and has a stall name of 'Wow Wow West'.

As usual, photos of food comes first.

I like Fish & Chips.
When it comes to Western Food, my first choice would always be Fish & Chips.
I have always love the soft piece of fish that comes with a crispy texture.
Although the other types of meat were just as great, but Fish & Chips
have always been my first priority when it comes to Western food.

Although there are more and more chain of restaurants that specialising in
preparing and selling Western Food, etc. Astons, Botak Jones, this was
probably one of the first few places that prepares cheap, generous and
delicious Western Food. For every main dish that you have ordered, not 2
but 3 side dishes will be given. The 3 sides dishes would be French Fries
(taste pretty ordinary, or maybe it's because I'm not into French Fries),
Coleslaw(Oh man, I can't believe that Coleslaw can be so delicious) and
also baked beans(Pretty ordinary also).

Chicken Cheese Sausage
I'm not sure about the past but it seems that they have added a few more
new items to the menu. This would probably be one of them. Just look at
the size of the Sausage, the length was similar to the length of my palm.
I'm pretty sure that it isn't an easy task for you to find food stalls
selling such thick and lengthy Sausages in Singapore. Although the taste
was pretty normal, but for the price that you are paying, I guess that
it's pretty worth it after all.

The above would be the menu of the stall. Look look, most of the items
on the menu are less than S$10, which is a +1.

So where is the stall located?

This would be the look of the stall and
it is located in 'ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre'.

More Info:
  • Stall is closed on Sunday.
  • Open till 9pm daily.
  • There's another store with the name of 'Wow Wow West' located in Henderson Market too. The interesting part was the owner for both stalls used to be the same person, but according to some news articles on the Internet, I guess that he had given up the ownership of the stall located in Henderson Market to someone else and he currently only has a stall left and that would be the stall located in 'ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre'.
* Click here for the map of ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre.
^ Click here to find out what other delicacy can be found in the ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre.

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