Monday, 20 February 2012

Japan's biggest chain of Gyoza Restaurant - "Gyoza No Ousho"

Have you been to Japan before? If you have, you would probably have seen or tried the restaurant that specialise in selling 'Gyoza'. In fact, there's a 'Gyoza No Ousho' branch in Singapore and it is located at Cuppage Plaza. Therefore, I have decided to blog about the restaurant today.

The above was a photo of the exterior of Singapore's 'Gyoza No Ousho'.

Since the name of the restaurant is 'Gyoza No Ousho', which means that it
is the 'King of Gyoza', therefore their speciality would be the 'Gyoza',
also known as 'Dumplings'. The restaurant only sells 2 different kinds of
'Gyoza' and that would be 'Pan-Fried Gyoza'(Left) and 'Deep-Fried Gyoza'(Right).
What's the best part about the 'Gyoza' that they have prepared?
The crispy skin were fantastic and it blends prefectly with the ingredients.

'Gyoza No Ousho' was founded in Kyoto, Japan.
Unbelievable and amazingly interesting.

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~ Click here to find out more about 'Gyoza No Ousho' in Japan. (In Japanese)
^ Click here for the exact location of 'Gyoza No Ousho' that I have introduced in this post.

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