Thursday, 9 February 2012

The importance of a plate of rice...

When it comes to eating a plate of Chicken Rice, the rice actually plays a very big role in the local delicacy. Therefore, I am going to introduce to you a good place that prepares and sells good Chicken Rice. Introducing...

The above would be a plate of Chicken Rice with visceral (internal organs).
Usually I don't go for visceral, but I also don't like to hold on to too many
coins with me too. Therefore I decided to top up a bit more, so that I don't
need to hold on to any coins at all. (Kill 2 birds with 1 stones. XD)

So what's so special about the Chicken Rice of this place?
First of all, this stall was probably serving one of the best fragrance rice
that I have tasted so far. Secondly, the portion that was given was pretty
generous and at the same time delicious. Thirdly, despite of the fact that
this stall is selling boneless chicken, the taste of the Chicken is as good
as, no I think that it's even much more tastier than normal Chicken. XD.
Last but not least, I also like the way they are preparing each and every
plate of Chicken Rice. Unlike some other stalls that I frequent, this stall
is preparing the rice and the Chicken meat on 2 separate plates.

As for the reason why I like the way they are preparing the Chicken meat,
would be due to the fact that by placing the meat on a separate plate,
the Chicken would be able adsorb the sauce thoroughly. Although, this extra
step have also made it even much more oily but for the sake of each and
every slice of Chicken, everything is worth it. XD

The above would be the menu of the Chicken Rice stall, in case
anyone of you out there wanted to find out what other dishes
this stall is offering.

So where is this stall located?

The name of the stall would be 'Tong Fong Fatt(東風發)' Hainanese
Boneless Chicken Rice stall. It seems that they have opened have a few
branches opened within the Town area, hence you would probably want to
try Googling a bit and search for the most convenient stall to visit.
As for the stall that I have shown in this post, it was the one that
was located in 'ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre'.

  • The stalls closes at around 8-9pm daily.
* Click here for the map of ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre.
^ Click here to find out what other delicacy can be found in the ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre.

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