Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Cantonese Breakfast

Last week, I finally understand why Hong Kongers like to have 'Rice Noodle Roll'(豬腸粉) for breakfast so badly. Rather than putting it in words, I would prefer the step of showing you food photos and explaining at the same time.

Well, here goes...
'Rice Noodle Roll'(豬腸粉)
This would be the main highlight of this post. So what's so special
about this 'Rice Noodle Roll'? Firstly, eating this reminds me of the
China delicacy 'Beijing Duck'(北京烤鸭). There is a soft layer of
'Rice Noodle' wrapping pieces of 'Char Siew', or more commonly known
as barbecued pork meat, and crunchy vegetables, which makes it almost
similar to the way how 'Beijing Duck' was prepared. Similarly, when
you compare the prices of both dishes, the 'Rice Noodle Roll', would
probably be 10 or 20 more times much more cheaper than the 'Beijing Duck'.
Having this cheap and delicious delicacy for breakfast everyday would
be a luxury. :D

As for Breakfast, what goes well with 'Rice Noodle Roll' the most?
My answer would be a bowl of Porridge. Besides preparing and selling
a variety of 'Rice Noodle Roll', this stall also prepares a large
variety of Porridge. By the way, the photo in the above shows a
bowl of 'Seafood Porridge'. It's basically a normal bowl of Porridge
with ingredients like Prawns, Cuttlefish, fish, etc...

The above would be the menu of the stall.

So where can you find this stall?

This would be the stall that sells the delicious plate of 'Rice Noodle Roll'
that I have introduced in this post. The name of the stall would
be 'Jiu Ye'(久叶) and it is located at Tanglin Halt Market.

More Info:
  • Stall closes on every Tuesday.
  • Stall closes by 10 am every morning and nope there isn't a typo and I was pretty shock myself that the stall closes at 10 am every morning.
* Click here to find out what other delicacies can be found in Tanglin Halt Market.
~ Click here for the location of 'Tanglin Halt Market'.

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