Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Time to turn on the heat...

It was a raining day. Luckily, I had my umbrella with me but where should I go for dinner? Since its a raining day, a hot or spicy food would be nice...

Therefore the first option that come popping through my mind would be...

Mutton Soup.

Besides for the strong mutton taste, there's also a very nice
Chinese herbs aroma too. At that was the same aroma that attracts
me to this stall. What I love most about this mutton soup would be
the fact that they are adding a substantial amount of herbals and
that have completely remove the strong odour of mutton meat.
But, once you started taking a spoonful of mutton soup, you will be
addicted to the soup and once you start you can only stop after
finishing the whole bowl of mutton soup.

Okay, although what I was given were mutton meat with bones, but
it isn't a very difficult task in finishing/ripping all the flesh
off the meat. :D

Unlike some other stalls that will charge you additional S$1 or
S$2 for adding another bowl of soup, over here you can ask for
another bowl of mutton soup for free..
(Note: Each bowl of mutton soup is entitled to a free top up only.
I'm not sure if you can top up for the second or third time and how
much each top up will cost you.)

So where is this store located?

The name of this stall would be 'Kong Kee Mutton Soup' and it
is located near Mustafa Shopping centre.

  • Stall is closed on Sundays.
  • Operating hours: 11 am - 10pm

* Click here to take a look at the location of this stall on Google Maps.

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