Wednesday, 18 April 2012

This is what I call high standard 'Kway'

I was hanging around a hawker centre a few weekends ago hoping that I can get to try the infamous Claypot rice but I failed miserably... But since I'm walking through the hawker centre making my way back, I decided to have my lunch there. Option 1-Vegetarian Bee Hoon closed. Okay not so much of a big deal... O.O wait a minute not just one or two stalls are closed, more than half of the stalls are closed. =="" But luckily, I found the following...

A 'Kway Chap' set

Let's talk about the 'Kway' first. This is what I call high standard 'Kway'.
I was observing the stall owner making this simple looking bowl of 'Kway'.
After adding the 'Kway' to a bowl, he will add hot plain water to it.
Let the 'Kway' soak for a minute or so before draining the hot water away.
Lastly, he will add the brown colored soup to the bowl of 'Kway' and it's
ready to eat. If I'm not mistaken, this is the correct method of preparing
a good bowl of 'Kway'. I remembered that hawkers tend to follow the steps
listed in the above but as time goes by, more and more hawkers tend to
come up with their method of making 'Kway' in a faster manner. Although
it's much faster but their taste isn't as good as this.

Taste wise, the soup is fantastic. The taste of the soup reminds me of the
older days and my first encounter with 'Kway Chap'. As for the 'Kway', it's
pretty thin and smooth. Not to forget chewy. So what else can you ask for?

Like any other 'Kway Chap' stall, after a customer place an order for
'Kway Chap', the owners will start chopping all the ingredients into bite
size. But something indifferent would be the way they are handling the
ingredients. By looking at the photo shown in the above, you can easily
identify how clean the ingredients are and based on my observations,
this hawker doesn't throw all the ingredients into the braised sauce.
The hawkers would most likely be putting in and taking out the ingredients
from the braised sauce from time to time. Probably this is because they
don't want all the the ingredients to ended up tasting alike and they
are preventing the ingredients from becoming too salty.

The taste of the ingredients were pretty good, not to forget about the
bean curd that doesn't ended up to be too soft. Too bad they didn't give
preserved vegetables otherwise it will be perfect.

'Pig large Intestines'.
This is really much bigger than the normal intestines, and it's pretty
clean too. I was dipping each and every slice of it into the chilli
sauce that was provided by the stall. Umm Umm Hmm... Delicious.

Besides for large intestines, there also have pig trotter, pig skins,
the ending part of the large intestines, etc...
If you are sharing it with a large group of people, you can consider
getting all the ingredients and give it a try.

So where can you find this delicious 'Kway Chap' set?

The name of this stall would be 'Blanco Court'. It is located in located in
'Holland Drive Market and Food Centre'.

* Click here for the location for 'Holland Drive Market and Food Centre'.
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