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Three most scenic spots of Japan - Amanohashidate

The islands of 'Matsushima' of 'Miyagi' prefecture, 'Amanohashidate' of 'Kyoto' prefecture and 'Miyajima' of Hiroshima prefecture are known as the three most scenic spot of Japan. Besides for 'Matsushima', I've been to the other two scenic spot of Japan. Therefore the topic this week would be 'Amanohashidate', which is one of the two scenic spots in Japan that I have been to.

Stone monument of Three most scenic spots of Japan

The above shows the map of 'Amanohashidate'.
'Amanohashidate' is a piece of land made out of natural sand.
The total length of 'Amanohashidate' would be 3.6 Km and it is
currently covered by more than 8,000 pine trees.

As you move from one end of 'Amanohashidate' to the other end,
you will see lots and lots of pine trees.

To some extent, it looks like a infinity hallway of pine trees.

Besides for lots of pine trees, there's also lots of pine cone lying on the ground. =="

'Kasamatsu Park' is located at one end of 'Amanohashidate'.
And the easiest way to get up there would be the method of
hopping onto one of the Cable Car or a chair lift.
(Note: If you have any kind of serious illness, I would highly
encourage you to take a ride in the cable car and not the chair lift.

This would be 'Kasabo', which is the mascot of 'Kasamatsu Park'.
(I think he's (or it's) very cute, but it would
look kind of awkward if I hug him (or it).)

This would be the most popular spot of 'Kasamatsu Park'.
By standing on the stone chair and by looking through
your legs, 'Amanohashidate' will looks like a staircase
leading to heaven.

Photo of the staircase leading to heaven.

'Amanohashidate' Viewland can be found
on the other end of 'Amanohashidate'.
Like 'Kasamatsu Park', you will take the Cable Car
or chair lift to 'Amanohashidate' Viewland.

A scenic spot known as 'Hiryukan',
dragon flying up to the heaven.

Alternatively, you can also stand on the
stone chair and look through your legs again.
Both views are equally good. :D

The following would be one of the speciality of 'Amanohashidate'.

This would be the speciality of 'Amanohashidate'.
It's a dish known as 'Asari Udon'.
And hey, the pot was occupied with lots of clams.

Thanks for the delicious meal.
I loved the soup of this dish
and clams were pretty fresh too.
Isn't that great.

The above shows the interior of the place.
Its decorated with pictures of the three most
scenic spots of Japan.

This would be the appearance of the place.
The name of this restaurant would be 'Restaurant Monju'.

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