Monday, 26 March 2012


If I want to eat 'Tonkatsu', but I don't want to have it with rice, will that be possible? The answer to the question would be 'Yes'. In fact, in Singapore, besides for 'Tonkatsu' sets that comes with rice, you can also get dishes like 'Tonkatsu' sandwiches, 'Tonkatsu' Ramen, 'Tonkatsu' Soba... etc.
Therefore, the main topic this week would be 'Tonkatsu' sandwiches. :D

The following are photos of 'Tonkatsu Sandwiches'.
'Tonkatsu Sandwiches'
The concept behind this 'Tonkatsu Sandwiches' is more or less similar to
the 'Ham sandwiches' that some of us have been eating daily. However,
as compared to the thin slices of 'Ham' that we are getting, the 'Tonkatsu'
are more more thicker, the taste are much more heavier and more delicious.
And on top of the points listed in the above, the crunchy touch of the
'Tonkatsu' is something that the thin slices of 'Ham' would never have.:D
(However, the portion that I'm getting can't satisfy my hunger.
Probably only the normal 'Tonkatsu' set can satisfy my hunger.)

SO where can you get this 'Tonkatsu' Sandwiches?
The photos in the above are taken outside the shop. The name of the shop
would be 'Ginza Bairin' and they have a branch located at basement 4 of
'ION Orchard' shopping centre.

* Click here to find out more about Singapore's 'Ginza Bairin'.
^ Click here to find out more about 'Ginza Bairin'. (In Japanese)
# Click here to find out more about 'ION Orchard'.

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