Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Going with Indian Food....

I miss the days that I used to pop by 'Little India' for most of my Lunch and Dinner. Even on the weekends, I would take a 'stroll' from the outskirts of 'Little Indian' and slowly move towards the heart of 'Little Indian'. (Trust me, there's actually another reason why I'm doing this. You wouldn't want to hop onto a bus and go through or even go near 'Little India' on a weekend...) Anyway, I miss those days back then and too bad 'Little India' isn't within walking distance from my current workplace. :(

Here comes the main topic of this post...

We were having dinner at this place and all of us ended up ordering the
same item on the menu. =="" And each set comes with a bowl of curry and
'Raita', which is a bowl of white yogurt that comes with cucumbers and
onions most of the time. Depending on the chef, ingredients like Tomato
might also be added to 'Raita' too. I still can remember the days that
I used to set all the 'Raita' aside... But as time goes by, I'm currently
used to the taste of the it. (Pretty amazed with myself too. :D)

The set meal also comes with Papadam, this is similar to a giant cracker.
Or I think I cam put it this way. Most of the Indian set meals in Singapore
comes with a 'Papadam', regardless of whether it's a rice set meal or a biryani
set meal, most of these set meals will come with a 'Papadam'.
Note: Dhosal, prata, etc are not considered as set meals.

And here comes the main dish of the day...

Dum Country Chicken Biryani...
Most of the time, I will just go ahead with normal Dum Chicken Biryani.
But once in a while, a change is needed. :) Oh the looks of this reminds me
of the older days that I used to scoop out the rice and the ingredients slowly...
Recently, I tend to place my plate on top of the bowl and flip it around.
And it will becomes...

this. :D
Note: If you have ordered Dum Biryani, the metal bowl would tend to be
pretty hot. This is because the biryani rice and the meat or vegetables
are meant to be cooked together so that the taste and fragrance of the
ingredients can blend together nicely. Therefore you can either scoop
out the biryani rice and the ingredients slowly or wait for a while
before giving my method a try. :D

Taste wise... I think that the taste of the rice and the chicken haven't
really blend together. Please do not be mistaken, the taste of the biryani
was pretty good but if the chef have spend a few more minutes cooking,
the taste of the biryani will taste much more better.

By the way, if you cannot tolerate the taste of the spicy curry, you can
also try the method of having a bite of biryani rice and curry followed
with a bite of 'Raita' and then back to a bite of biryani rice.. and so
on and so forth. :D

The name of this place would be 'Anjappar'. In terms of the popularity,
'Anjappar' seems to be one of the famous Indian restaurant in Singapore.
In fact, they have a chain of outlets around Singapore but I'm not sure
why did they list out only 2 outlets on their website.
(Either it's due to the fact that they haven't been updating their website
or maybe 2 outlets that were mentioned on the website were the better ones...?)

* Click here for the 'Anjappar' website.
^ Click here for the location of the 'Anjappar' outlet that I have shown in this post.

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