Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Biggest... no.... it should be the largest Fried Chicken in Singapore

One of the infamous finger food of Taiwan would most probably be one piece of humongous Fried Chicken. According to some TV shows that I have seen back then, Taiwanese teenagers can queue up and buy a humongous piece of Fried Chicken that will last them for a whole day... Simply unbelievable...

Time to move on ....

Here comes the biggest Fried Chicken in Singapore...
So how big is big?
I was comparing it with the size of my palm and in terms of the length it's
roughly around 1.75 times of my palm and the width is roughly around 1.25 times
of my palm... (By the way I'm around 1.75 cm in height... and I was stretching
out my hands to the maximum before I can successfully take a full photo of it.)

I know its big but so what... how bout the taste?
This piece of Fried Chicken isn't very salty at all, which I find it good.
I recalled myself having my first bite off a Taiwanese-style Fried Chicken
before and my first impression of it was... 'TOO SALTY'. I couldn't believe
that I would give this a try... and luckily I did else I would never believe
that Fried Chicken can taste so good. The Fried Chicken itself is pretty hot,
crispy and not too dry. I was standing at a corner eating this Fried Chicken
and this is the first time in my entire whole life hoping that this Fried
Chicken can continue to grow on and on... I just can resist it... Yummy :D.

I guess that the owner is pretty proud about his Fried Chicken too...

The name of this stall would be 'Hot Star Large Fried Chicken' and it is
located on basement 1 of City Square Mall, which is also 5 - 10 minutes
walking distance from Mustafa and Farrer Park MRT.

  • They wouldn't cut the Fried Chicken into pieces so WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)...
  • The original Fried Chicken comes in a spicy taste too. (The one that I had shown here would be the spicy Fried Chicken.
  • Opening Hours: 10.30am - 9.45pm
* Click here for the website of City Square Mall in Singapore.
^ Click here for the website of 'Hot Star Large Fried Chicken'.

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