Friday, 2 March 2012

Eating a PAC MAN

Speaking of 'PAC MAN', the first food that would comes to your mind would most likely be a 'Pie'. Therefore our topic today would be 'Pie'

Before I move on, let me ask you a question: What makes a Pie good?
The following would be my own opinion of a good Pie.
First of all, the crust shouldn't be too thick and too hard. Secondly,
the portion of the ingredients used in the pie should be generous. Thirdly,
there should be a good balance or proportion between the ingredients and
the crust of the pie. Last but not least, the delicious taste of a Pie.

A quarter slice of Chicken Pie.

So what makes this pie so special?
Although I'm not a big fan of Pies, except for all the various forms of
Pie charts that were used in presenting data, I don't think I have eaten
more than 10 slices of Pie annually. Despite of that, I think that this
was probably one of the best Pie that I have eaten over the past few years.
First and foremost, the crispy crust is neither too thick nor too thin and
at the same time it's neither too hard nor too soft. This is the kind of
crust that you will have difficult of finding.. Secondly, although this is
a chicken pie, it doesn't mean that it contains chicken meat only. Some other
Ingredients that were included were boiled egg, corns, potatoes, etc.
On top of the ingredients used, pepper was also added into the pie to
enhance the taste even further. And that's a good move.

Chicken Shepherd Pie
The crust of this was pretty similar to the one covering the Chicken Pie.
Ingredients used in this and the Chicken Pie were more or less similar,
but the ingredients were also covered by a layer of Mashed Potatoes and
this is slightly more spicier than the normal Chicken Pie.

So what other delicacy does this place also offer?
The above would be the menu of the place.
One of their specialities would be the 'Claypot Crab Bee Hoon'.

So where can you find all these delicious looking Pies?

I guess just by taking a look at the photos in the above, everyone would probably
have an idea about the name of this restaurant and where it is located.
The name of the restaurant would be 'DON' - Your Personal Pie Club.
It is located in China Square Central.

* Click here for the location of 'DON' - Your Personal Pie Club.
^ Click here for the website of 'DON' - Your Personal Pie Club.

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