Sunday, 4 March 2012

DON eat Crab.... huh?

In fact this is a follow up to the post that I had shared earlier this week. Rather than combining the both posts into 1, I decided to separate them. Anyway let's move on to the main topic of today. :D

Here comes...

a pot of Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup.
Before moving further, I decided to express my love for the service that I am
getting are this place. They have provided the Crackers, for cracking the Crab
shells, automatically. That's a good step and I like it.

Time for us to reveal what's inside.

Looks creamy, don't you think so? Anyway what's inside?
Ingredients included are a crab sliced up into pieces,
assorted vegetables, yam, Bee Hoon and lots of creamy soup.

Now let's talk about the taste.
Let's face it... Despite of the hardship that I have to undergo cracking open
all the shells to reveal the flesh, I still love Crabs. Anyway back to the taste.
First of all, I love the taste of the sweet creamy soup. Secondly, although the
taste of the vegetables, Yam and Bee Hoon was pretty normal but with the amount
of ingredients that was added, it makes me feel less sinful. Third but not last,
the Crabs, which is the most important ingredient of this dish. If you are lucky,
you might be getting some or a bit of Crab Roe, which is a delicacy by itself.
And yes I know that people will argue that ripping open the shells of a Crab can
be a painful experience, but looking from a different angle, good food are hard
to come by. Only with some hardship, then you will appreciate the taste of a good
Crab. Especially, after soaking the Crab into the soup for a period of time, the
sweet taste of the flash of the Crab is simple irresistible. Especially when I
move on to the claws of the Crab, grabbing a bite off the flesh would probably
explains why I love Crabs so much.... Aaaah feel like eating a Cold Crab again...

Misc: Photo showing parts of the Crab. :P

The name of this place would be 'DON'. Besides for this delicious Crab dish
that they have prepared, they are infamous for making and preparing Pies.

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~ Click here for the website of 'DON' - Your Personal Pie Club.

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