Friday, 16 March 2012

Gold-ing for the extra mile

Rather than taking or switching between different modes of transportation, we decided to walk from 'Mustafa' to 'Golden Mile' to savour good 'Thai' food. :D I guess it has been close to a decade since my last visit to 'Golden Mile'.

Let us proceed our journey through 'Thai' food. :D Here comes our menu for dinner. ;).

Thai Mango Salad
Conclusion.... this is S.C.A.R.... Spicy, Crunchy and Refreshing.
Most of the salads that I have tasted so far are mainly a mountain filled
with vegetables and/or fruits covered with a layer of dressing. This is
slightly different. You get to sea a mountain of sliced mango and buried
beneath it are small red spicy chillies that works like a dynamite if you
unintentionally put it inside your mouth. :P

Long beans fried with Sambal Chilli
I like the way the chef are handling this dish. The vegetables are not soggy
and the long beans still have the crunchy touch when you are biting it.
Best of all, the sambal chilli that was used in frying this dish was perfect.
On top of the spicy taste, both ingredients blend perfectly together. :D

Thai Green Chicken Curry
As for the main reason why I went there for dinner? That would be due to my
hunger for the green chicken curry. Initially, I always thought that curry
will only come in either orange colour. But when I saw this dish during the
first time in my life, my jaws were dropping. Green coloured curry... =="""".
But ever since the first bite out of it, it have completely changed my opinion
for it. This dish was tasty and similar to any other curry that you have eaten
before, covering and eating a bowl of rice with this green curry just makes your
appetite bigger and better. By the way, this green curry isn't as spicy as
McDonalds chilli garlic sauce and it's definitely a Thai dish that is worth trying.

Pineapple fried rice.
Probably they were trying to give me a bigger impression that they are using real
pineapples to create a plate of pineapple fried rice, therefore, it was served
in a cutout pineapple. Although the taste was pretty normal, the portion of this
dish isn't that great. The waitress was mentioning that 2 can share a plate of
Pineapple fried rice, but I think I can finish 2 plates of Pineapple fried rice
myself. Hmmm.... is it me that is getting abnormal or is it...?

Here comes the soup of the day - Seafood Tom Yum Soup.
This would be one of the best example how a Tom Yum soup should look like.
Unlike some of the Tom Yum soup out there that comes with a layer of
Tom Yum seasoning/salt, this place is serving clear Tom Yum soup. I have
always loved the unique taste of the Tom Yum soup but I hate Tom Yum soup
that comes with a layer of Tom Yum seasoning or salt. Especially when I'm
the kind that will finish the whole bowl of soup till the very last drop,
I hate the part when the seasoning sticks onto my tongue and doesn't goes
away. This, this is something much much better. This is most likely to be
the most spiciest dish/soup of this place and on top of the spicy taste, the
seafood ingredients were pretty tasty too.

Katong Khong or Pastry cups with prawn paste
Initially, we thought that this dish would be served before the Tom Yum soup
but it ended up to be the slowest dish to appear. Rather than becoming a side
dish, it has ended up to be a dessert. At the bottom of each cup was a layer
of shrimp paste, followed by a layer of vegetables. Taste wise, it was pretty
normal and portion wise... this is pretty small for a side dish.

So what's the name of the place?
The name of this restaurant would be "Diandin Leluk".
This is most likely the biggest Thai restaurant
that was located on level 1 of Golden Mile Complex.

* Click here for the website of 'Diandin Leluk' restaurant.
^ Click here for the location of "Golden Mile Complex".

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