Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The story of Fishballs...

Although they have only started their business a few months back, but they have made their name loud and clear. Especially to those that are staying near that area.

'Fishball Kway Teow'
It comes with a with bowl of soup and an average bowl of 'Kway Teow'(Rice Noodles).
Looks pretty normal right, but it can get pretty amazing as you dig into the...

'Fishballs' & 'Fishcake'
The 'Fishballs' are pretty amazing. The stall owner that is in his twenties were
boasting that flour isn't added throughout the process of making these 'Fishballs'
out of 'yellow tail fish', that has pretty much explains why these 'Fishballs'
are so chewy and sweet... However, I personally find the slices of 'Fishcake'
to be far more interesting than the 'Fishballs'. Their special blend of 'Fishcake'
are superb. I wonder how many types of vegetables were needed in order to prepare
this delicious 'Fishcake'. By the way, slices of chillies have been added into the
fish paste, which ended up becoming these indulging 'Fishcakes'.

I personally find the 'Kway Teow' and soup a letdown. They are slightly a bit
soggy and in terms of the taste, the 'Fishballs' and 'Fishcakes' are far more
delicious and special. :D

So where can you give this a good try?
The name of this stall would be '鱼缘'(Fishball Story).
It's located inside 'Golden Mile Food Centre'.

Opening Hours:
  • 10:30 - 17:00 Daily
  • Depending on their sales that day, they might close the stall much much earlier. So do try to be much much early, if you really want to give the food over here a good try.

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