Friday, 24 October 2014

The 3C...

5C, something that represents the dreams of a typical Singaporean back then. So what does 3C represents? It simply means 'Crispy Crunchy Chicken'. And here's one of the recommended places where you can find the Halal 3C Chicken.

'3 Person Combo Meal'
This kinda reminds me of the 8-piece Chicken set meal of KFC. Back
then, we used to share the 8-piece Chicken set among the 3 of us. As
for the set meal over here, it comes with 9-piece of 3C, a potato fries,
a Coleslaw, a Mashed Potatoes, 3 buns and 3 regular drink. I'm not
going to focus too much on the side dishes. What I can simply say is
the taste and the overall sensation that I'm getting from the side
dishes are pretty acceptable. Anyway...

Served hot, these pieces of Chicken aren't oily at all. In fact, the
skin of the Chicken are pretty crispy and crunchy. After spending a
bit of time chewing on the skin, it's time to move towards the succulent
meat. The meat itself is a big surprise. Not only it's succulent, it's
marinated nicely too. Despite of the fact that we need to finish up
3 pieces of Chicken each and share all the sides dishes, we still managed
to finish up everything without crying for help. :P (The 3C Chicken are
so good that it simply outshine the side dishes so so much.)

In fact, if you are merely average eaters, the 3 Person Combo Meal is
actually big enough to be shared by 3 or more persons.

So where can you give these 3C Chicken a good try?
The name of this Halal Fast Food restaurant would be 'Arnolds Fried Chicken'.
They have a few branches island wide and the above shows the branch located
on level 1 of 'Hougang Green Shopping Mall'.

  • Operating Hours:
    11:00 - 22:00 Daily
  • The opening hours of each individual branch varies. But most of them will be opened from lunch till late at night.
* Click here to find out more about 'Arnolds Fried Chicken'.
^ Click here for the location of 'Hougang Green Shopping Mall' on 'Google Maps'.

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