Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Mount Fuji that can be eaten....?

I managed to conquer Mount Fuji a few weeks ago. However, that isn't the first Mount Fuji that I have conquered. The first Mount Fuji that I have conquered a few months back was...

'Mount Fuji'
This would be a Mount Fuji that anyone can conquer.
The top is covered with a brown colored chestnut flavored cream.
The base is made out of a few slices of chocolate Chiffon Cake,
chestnut and cream. In fact, this would my first go with a
'Chestnut flavored Cake'.
Mumching... Munching... Munching...
The overall texture is pretty good and on top of that the nice
mix of both bitter and sweet taste just makes it better and better.

If you don't have the courage to climb 'Mount Fuji', you can always
give the challenge over here a try first. :D

This is wrapped in a fluffy layer of pancake and filled with
mangoes and cream. It's pretty sweet and tasty, but the price and
the size of this is kinda... In fact, I personally find the
'Mount Fuji' far more interesting than this.

The name of this pastry shop would be 'Chef Yamashita - Japanese artisan'.
It's located on level 2 of 'Tanjong Pagar Plaza'.

Opening Hours:
  • Weekdays & Saturdays: 10:00 - 18:30
  • Sundays: 10:00 - 16:00

* Click here to find out more about 'Chef Yamashita - Japanese artisan'.
^ Click here for the Facebook page of 'Chef Yamashita - Japanese artisan'.
~ Click here for the location of 'Chef Yamashita - Japanese artisan' on Google Maps.

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