Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Worst than Dante's Inferno....

There's a reason why I'm giving the post such a title. But for a start, let's take a look at what they are offering over here...

For a start, the 'Papadum' is pretty crispy. It's so shiok that one could easily forget
about the mains and wipe out the whole basket of crispy 'Papadum'.

It also comes with the 'hari chutney'. Even though this sauce is a given but it isn't
something that attracts me that much. What interest me the most would be the mains.

This is a billboard to indicate the different levels of chilli that they are offering
over here. According to the staff over here, you need to wipe out a plate of level 6
in order to earn the ticket to the next level. And there's quite a bit of rules and
regulations that you have to take note... Hence being a spicy food lover, I
decided to go for...

Since this my first and I don't think that it can get any spicier than my crazy
experience with a 'Si Chuan Ma La' hot pot, hence I decided to give the 'Level 6
Fish Curry' a good try.

'Level 6 Fish Curry'
You can choose to have it with a tube of white rice or Saffron Rice... But I ended
up trying out both of them... I will explain why later. Anyway, while placing our
orders, the warm-hearted waitress was like 'are you sure you want to take on level
6 Fish Curry?' and since this was my first visit, she's advising me to go with the
'Level 6 Chicken Curry' instead. Being over confident, I decided to stick with my
decision and here's my order.

Before moving on to the dish, let me list down the rules and regulations over here
first. For a start, you must finish everything yourself (Of Course lah) and you
cannot take any beverage(s) while eating. The rules might sound simple but wait till
you give it a try. :D

As for the dish itself, the first few spoonful are pretty okay(I guess). Though
the dish is spicy, but one can easily differentiate the taste of the super thick
fiery curry and the taste of the sweet fish. But as I dig in further, I started
getting this burning/beating sensation in my stomach... -.-"""" And that is
pretty stunning. But that isn't the worst part, after a few more bites later,
my fingers felt as if they are going to burst through the skin. And I haven't
had such an experience for quite some time. And the worst part? I'm running out
of rice and the fresh portion of vegetables. Time for the second portion....
=.="""" With a second portion of rice, I finally managed to wipe out all the
spicy fish meat. But I was told that I need to wipe out the harmless looking
fish curry too. Seriously, once you can survive through 90% of this dish, the
remaining portion isn't such a big deal anymore.

'Winning Peg(?)'
Once you have accomplished level 6, you will be given this peg and at the same
time, you have to leave your particulars with them. You can decorate the peg a
bit and hang it next to the billboard of spicy level. Hence, this is my design.
As for the bit why you have to leave your particulars, is mainly because you can
only give level 7 onwards a try after you have achieve the peg for level 6. And
you can only move 1 level at a time. Meaning you have to move from 6 -> 7 -...> 10
one by one. And like a Pyramid, the number of pegs hanging up there gets lesser
and lesser as you move up the billboard. Oh by the way, they are holding the
high levels spicy food-tasting session known as the 'Full Moon Party Chilli
Challenge' once a month. And it's free if you can wipe out the high level curries
by yourself. Do take note that only the chosen ones will be invited. (They will
either drop you a sms or an email.) Isn't it great? You can kill multiple birds
with one stone. You can have your dinner, get the peg to gain access to the next
level and at the same time, push yourself to the limits (spicy level).... :P

'Chocolate Ice Cream'
Since the day we visited this place was 3 days after my birthday, they have pop
in this ice cream for free too. This is pretty helpful since my stomach was
still undergoing this burning/beating sensation after 15 minutes or so. Though
this has reduce the beating sensation a bit but it's insufficient. In the end I
ended up wiping out 2 big bottles of milk to try to put out the burning sensation
but apparently that doesn't prove to be effective too.

So where can you give this challenge a good try?
The name of this restaurant would be 'Lagnaa Barefoot Dining'.
It's located neat 'Little India MRT'.

  • Operating Hours:
    11:30 - 22:30
* Click here to find out more about 'Lagnaa Barefoot Dining'.
^ Click here for the Facebook Page of 'Lagnaa Barefoot Dining'.
~ Click here for the location of 'Lagnaa Barefoot Dining' on 'Google Maps'.
# Click here for the list of delicacies that you can find and get in 'Little India'.

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