Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Carls Junior Origins?

What can an individual do when he managed to wake up pretty early in the morning in an unfamiliar environment? The answer will be...

to check out the different options for breakfast... :D And this happens
to be one of them...

'The Redhook® Beer Battered Cod Fish Sandwich Meal'
Though it's merely the morning, but you can also get the usual sinful
burgers and fries. Being a big fan of Carl's Junior, I decided to give
the burgers over here a good try. :P As compared to the meals that one
can get in Singapore, the portions over here are ridiculously too big
to be true. Just the cup alone is pretty amazing already. It's crazily
big and on top of that, the selection of beverages over here are pretty
stunning too. Just by giving all the drinks a try can easily satisfy
one's hunger... =.=""" The generous portion of fries are pretty good
too. I shouldn't have ordered such a big portion for breakfast... @.@

This burger is made up of ingredients like 'Beer Battered Cod Fish',
sliced 'Lettuce', sliced 'Tomatoes', 'Tartar sauce', wrapped inside
a sesame bun. Even though the burger doesn't appears to be as big
as those that are appearing in the commercials, but the taste of the
burger is pretty decent. Not as bitter as they portrayed it to be,
but the sweet taste of the fish topped with the 'Tartar sauce' are
pretty reasonable. This makes me wonder how thick the 'Beef burgers'
will ended up to be. (Even though I'm not a beef eater... :P But it
will be fun to share the photos of it around... :D)

'Cinnamon Pull Aparts'
The whole idea of this side dish is pretty much similar to a muffin.
But it's loaded with a nice fragrance of Cinnamon and one can use a
fork to pull them apart. On top of that, the sweet taste is a (+). :D

Basically this is still "Carl's Junior", but it's the food that one
could get from the outlets in US.
The above shows the outlet located at Irvine, CA, United States.

  • Operating Hours:
    Varies at the different outlet across US. Some of the outlets are opened 24/7 too.
* Click here to find out more about "Carl's Jr" in the US.
^ Click here for the Facebook page of "Carl's Jr".

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