Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My confession...?

We decided to hit one of the premium outlets after work. And off we go... After spending an hour or two browsing through all the different offerings that one can get over here, we decided to have our dinner over here...

'Jalapeño cheese sticks'
For starters, we are going to have the 'Jalapeño cheese sticks'. Easily
mistaken for 'Fish Sticks', these are actually 'Jalapeño'...

For a start, the outer layer of these 'Jalapeño sticks' ain't too thick and
they have managed to create small little sparks in my mouth. Not knowingly
the name of these sauces, but they do manage to blend in well with the
overall taste of the 'Jalapeño'. :)

'Seafood Combo'
When I looked at the photo that was appearing on the menu, I was like it
can't be for real. I don't think the portion can be that 'big'. In fact
over here in Singapore, most of the 'Fish & Chips' that you can find and
get in Singapore would comes with a slice of battered fish. And I know
that there are places that would be giving you 2 slices of fish. But over
here, I was astonished with the portions that they are serving over here.
The photos are real~~~ Oh my god...

I don't think there's a need for the 'refillable fries' when the portion
over here ain't just big, it's humongous... I think I can try to finish
everything but with the amount of things that I have ordered, that's
kinda difficult. For the mains, wrapped inside a layer of crispy crust,
the flesh of the seafood isn't that bad. but it gets kinda sickening when
there's 3 slices of fish and shrimp. As compared to the fries that comes
with this combo set, the flesh of the seafood slices are far more firm
and far more appealing than the fries which isn't crunchy enough.

'Chicken Tacos'
One thing that I have learnt from my travels, never let a chance to slip
away. If you have come across something that you wanted to try and your
stomach has the space(?) for it, do not hesitate and do give it a try.

Therefore I have also ended up with this big plate of 'Chicken Tacos'.
Loaded with lots of vegetables and a small portion of meat, this isn't
that bad. Though the ingredients are wrapped inside a soft Taco, but
with the amount vegetables loaded inside the 'Taco', it ended up to have
this refreshing and crispy sensation, which is a (+). However the portion
is slightly a bit too big....

In fact, I was happily pointing out that over here, I personally felt
like an average eater. But my colleague was pointing out that over there
they will finish half the portion and have the other half as packed
lunch tomorrow afternoon and I saw like. TT.TT They goes with my native
thinking.... :P

So where can you give these fast food a good try?
The name of this fast food restaurant would be "Ruby's Diner".
And the above shows the outlet located at "Carlsbad Premium Outlets".

  • The opening hours vary widely by location. But most of them are opened for Breakfast and all the way till dinner time.
* Click here to find out more about "Ruby's Diner".
^ Click here for the Facebook page of 'Ruby's Diner'.
~ Click here for the location of 'Carlsbad Premium Outlets' on Google Maps.

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