Friday, 7 August 2015

Besides the common stuff

Besides for the convenience stores and fast food restaurants, there are actually quite a number of 24/7 dining places located in Singapore. And on top of that, it can be places that prepares affordable or expensive delicious dishes, air conditional or non air conditional, eventually there's a choice for everyone at any time of the day. And here's one of them

'Fishball Noodles'
For a start, I think we can move to the bowl of Noodles directly. The taste of the
bowl of soup that comes with the bowl of Noodles is a bit too bland for me. However...

to a certain extent, the amount of ingredients that was given were far more greater
in portion than the lump of Noodles. Besides for vegetables like 'bean sprouts',
a bit of 'lettuce', there's also a good variation of seafood ingredients like
'fishballs', slices of 'fish cake', meaty ingredients like 'meatball' and 'minced
meat' and not forgetting the delicious mushrooms.

Though the colors of the bowl of Noodles might ended up to be a bit too dull in
color, but despite of the small portion of Noodles, the overall dining sensation
of the bowl of noodles is actually quite pleasing. After mixing the bowl of
springy Noodles with the ingredients and the sauce, every single bite comes with
a nice chewy sensation and the nice taste of chilli. However, in terms of spicy,
the flavorful chilli might want to look at different means in improving the spice
level of the bowl of 'Fish Ball Noodles'

So where can you give this bowl of Noodles a good try?
The name of this 'stall' would be 'Da Lian Traditional Noodles/传统大连面家'.
It's located along 'Syed Alwi Road', which is also located near 'Mustafa'.

Opening Hours:
  • It's 24/7.

* Click here for the location of 'Da Lian Traditional Noodles/传统大连面家' on Google Maps.

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