Friday, 21 November 2014

The 5 stars of Hougang...

Do take note this is a food blog and the title of this post has nothing to do with the Singapore flag.

'Grilled Fish Set'
This is the 2nd time I'm giving the western food over here a try.
For a start it comes with quite a variety of sides. There's
'Coleslaw', 'French Fries', 'Baked Beans', 'Garlic Bread' and a
bit of greens. The sides are pretty good for a start, there's the
crunchy and not too salty 'French Fries' and the 'Garlic Bread'
that comes with a thin and crispy crust, but comes with a nice
aroma and strong taste of 'Garlic', which deserves a (+). Unlike
the 'Fish & Chips' over here, the grilled fish isn't coat in a
crispy breaded layer. But the fish meat is actually pretty good.
The moist and sweet fish meat isn't too soft or too hard, which
is very important. And when you have it with the 'Tartar Sauce'
or the 'Fried Garlic', things tend to get more and more
delicious and interesting. :D

So where can you give the 'Grilled Fish' a good try?
The name of this stall would be '5 Star Corner Western Food'.
It's located in the coffee shop beneath 'Blk 805 Hougang Central'.

  • Operating Hours:
    The crazy long hours simply makes me wonder how many shifts do they have?
* Click here for the location of '5 Star Corner Western Food' on Google Maps.


  1. Hey! Do you mind sharing the operating hours of this stall? :-)

  2. The opening hours would most likely be 11am - 10pm.