Sunday, 23 November 2014

Not fantastic enough...

If you are a foodie, as you do a search for good dining options, you will definitely come across 'Joo Chiat' district. Therefore it's time to give the food at 'Joo Chiat' a try. :)

'Prawn Kway Teow(Rice Noodles)'(Dry)
Not quite the same. And by default, rather than serving the normal
bowl of 'Prawn Noodles', they are serving a bowl of 'Pork Ribs
and Prawn Noodles' over here. Since I have ordered a 'dry' version
of the bowl of Noodles, therefore it also comes with a bowl of soup
too. The tasty bowl of soup is pretty amazing. It comes with a strong
taste and aroma of pork ribs and prawns. I wonder how much time was
needed to prepare such a delicious broth.

The bowl of Noodles looks pretty red to me. :| Besides for the
'Kway Teow', ingredients like 'beansprout', 'pork ribs', 'prawns',
'fried onions' and one of the most important ingredient, which is
the 'chilli powder' has been added into the bowl. Hmmm... after
mixing all the ingredients thoroughly, I'm pretty impress with
the taste of the bowl of 'Kway Teow'. Not only it's spicy, the
nice aroma of the fried onions are pretty good too. The chewy,
meaty Pork Ribs are a (+) too. However, the prawns are a big
disappointment. It will be much more better if they have spend a
more time preparing it. I personally find it a bit too dry, which
is not juicy enough for me. :|

So where can you give the bowl of Noodles a try?
The name of this stall would be 'Joo Chiat Prawn Mee'(如切肉骨虾面).
It's located in one of the coffee shops along 'Carpmael Road',
which is pretty near 'Joo Chiat Road'.

  • Operating Hours:
    07:30 - 15:00 Daily
* Click here for the location of 'Joo Chiat Prawn Mee'(如切肉骨虾面) on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that you can find and get near the 'Joo Chiat' district.

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