Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Unique outlet of 'Astons'

Ever since they have opened their first outlet in the East side of Singapore, the outlets started popping up in different parts of Singapore over the last few years. Therefore, ever since I have knew about this unique outlet of 'Astons', I have decided to give it a try. Hence...

'Fried Fish Dinner Set Meal'
At this outlet, all the main courses will come with 'X' and a
side dish(either 'Baked Potato' or 'French Fries'). I ended up
choosing 'French Fries' since I knew that the 'Baked Potato' of
can be pretty filling. And I would really want to leave lots of
space in my stomach for 'X'.

For a start, I loved the crispy texture of the fish that was
covered in breadcrumbs. With a texture that was so crispy, I was
hoping that the meat doesn't end up to be too hard and stiff too.
Luckily, the chef of 'Astons' didn't fail my expectations and
they have somehow managed to prepare it such that the fish would
have this crispy texture and the meat itself was pretty fresh,
soft and moist. Not only the texture of the fish meat is
relatively good, it can blend in with the Tartar sauce pretty
good too, which deserves a very big (+).

So what exactly is 'X'?
'X' is actually the premium salad buffet that is included as
part of the meal that you have ordered.

Though it's known as a premium salad buffet, but it's much more
fanciful as compared to a salad bar. For a start, they have
prepared more than 4 different types of soups. There's 'onion
soup', 'sweet corn soup', etc... There's a good mix of different
types of soup of a different texture and taste. And they have
also thrown in one of my favorite side dish at 'Astons', which is
the 'Whipped Potato'. You can not only go 1 scope but unlimited
serving of 'Whipped Potato' over here, isn't that a good start? :)
Note: the sauce and the 'Whipped Potato' are separated hence you
can decide on the proportions of the 'Whipped Potato' yourself.

In order to satisfy all the customers, they have also thrown in
fried stuff like 'Potato Wedges', 'Onion Rings', etc... into the
buffet too. And to some, these ain't as important as the crunchy
'Garlic Bread' that comes with a nice taste and aroma of 'Garlic',
that blends in pretty well with the soup too.

They have also provided a good spread for those that couldn't
live without pasta or rice dishes, like me. The sauce of the pasta
is so rich that I was dipping some of the deep fried finger food
inside it too. On top of that, for mushroom lover, the 'Saute
Button Mushroom' is a must try. Not only the mushroom are juicy,
the chewy sensation is a (+) too.

After having more than 5 rounds of soup, I don't really have that
much space left in my stomach for the cold dishes.
However, I still managed to grab a few scoops of the 'Potato Salad',
which is also one of my favorite sides at 'Astons'. They have also
allocated a small corner for cut fruits, which includes stuff like
'Watermelon', 'Pineapple', 'Honeydew', 'Grapes', etc... And that's
not all...

There's always room for desserts. Though it only comes with 1
flavor only, but there's a variety of toppings that you can choose
from. I love to have mine with all the small little crunchy bits.
Besides for the 'Ice Cream', they have also provided free flow of
beverages over here too. Personally speaking, with all the soup
choices and the Ice Cream, I didn't even fell like touching the
beverages at all. :P

So where can you give this unique outlet of 'Astons' a good try?
It's known as 'Astons Steak & Salad'.
It's located on level 3 of 'CentrePoint'.

  • Operating Hours:
    11:30 - 22:00 Daily
* Click here to find out more about 'Astons'..
^ Click here to find out more about 'CentrePoint'.
~ Click here for the location of 'CentrePoint' on Google Maps.

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