Friday, 21 November 2014

An interesting fish head... :)

Besides for Curry Fish Head, you can actually get several other types of Fish Head dishes in Singapore too. For example, there's 'Fish Head Hot Pot', 'Steam Fish Head', etc... Therefore for the post today, it's related to Fish Head too. :)

Looking from afar, this might appear to be a Curry or a Tom Yum
Fish Head, but in fact this is actually...

'Assam Fish Head'
They were trying to boost the sales, therefore when I was there
the other day, they were promoting some of the signature dishes
with a pretty good deal. As for my meal the other day, it only
cost me less than S$15, which is a pretty big (+) for a start.

'Fish Head' wise, excluding the 'Fish Head' itself, they have
actually added quite a few types of ingredients into this dish.
There's 'Lady Finger', 'Brinjal', 'Tomato', 'Pineapple', etc...
Just by covering the small little plate of rice with a bit of
gravy and all these ingredients, can really help me to gobble
up the whole plate of rice without any difficulty. Oh by the way
the taste of the gravy itself is pretty interesting. It's a nice
mixture of spicy, sour and a little bit sweet. On top of that,
it comes with a sharp and nice aroma, which is pretty appealing
for me. :)

Fish wise, though the sides are pretty normal but as I move
towards the jaw/mouth, the taste of the fish is actually getting
better and better. As I dip the nice mix of fresh fish meat and
collagen into the nice gravy, it actually boost the overall
taste of the meat to a whole new level, which is another (+).
It fact, when I left the place, I have dismantle all the fish
bones and wipe out all the meat and the delicious gravy.

So where can you give the 'Fish Head' a good try?
The name of this stall would be
'Da Bin Seafood Fish Head Steamboat'(大濱海鮮魚頭爐).
It's located in one of the canteen in the industrial area.

  • Operating Hours:
    Mondays - Saturdays: 11:30 - 22:30
    Sundays: 14:30 - 22:30
* Click here for the 'Facebook' page of 'Da Bin Seafood Fish Head Steamboat'
^ Click here for the location of 'Da Bin Seafood Fish Head Steamboat'(大濱海鮮魚頭爐)
  on Google Maps.

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