Tuesday, 24 March 2015

When you are getting unlimited toppings for...

a large pizza at an unbelievable low price. Frankly speaking, I have only had it once and it already has left a big... no it's more of a huge impression on my stomach and mind. :D

'Uniquely CS'
This would be the name that I have given to this pizza. There's the meaty
sinful stuff like 'Bacon', 'Spicy All-Natural Chicken', 'All Natural
Chicken', etc... (If you can take beefy stuff, there are several other types
of toppings that you can choose too.) To balance out the meaty stuff, I
have also request for numerous types of vegetables to be added too. There's
'Mushrooms', 'Jalapenos', 'Green Peppers', 'Garlic Pineapples', etc...

As you can see, the surface of the Pizza was pretty much covered by
different types of both colorful and interesting ingredients. Each slice
of 'Uniquely CS' was covered with sweet, zesty, spicy and earthy ingredients.
One of the key highlights of this pizza would be the amazing nicely tanned
and crispy crust. As I took a bite off the pizza, unlike the regular pizza
huts in Singapore that comes with a thick crust, I prefer a thinner and
crispier crust that is loaded with a lot of delicious ingredients. (In fact
I can finish a large pizza over here easily, without the need to overload
my stomach with too much food. :P) Oh, by the way, you just have to pay a
standard price and you will be given the privilege to ask for any types of
toppings that goes into your pizza. Doesn't that seems like a dream that
is too good to be true?

So where can you give the 'Pizza' a good try?
The name of this place would be 'Pieology'.
The above shows the outlet located at
'Irvine Spectrum Center', Irvine, CA, United States.

  • Operating Hours:
    Sundays - Thursdays: 11:00 - 21:30
    Fridays - Saturdays: 11:00 - 22:30
* Click here to find out more about 'Pieology'.
^ Click here for the Facebook page of 'Pieology'.
~ Click here to find out more about 'Irvine Spectrum Center'.
# Click here for the location of 'Irvine Spectrum Center' on Google Maps.

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