Friday, 6 March 2015

Not getting too old for....

To us Chinese, the pronunciation for this shop can be kinda misleading, especially when the words with the same pronunciation means 'Old Old' in Mandarin...

This cup consists of 3 different types of fruits, a type of crunchy
toppings, topped with a layer of frozen Yogurt and a delicious sauce.
They have also provided a crazily long spoon, so that you can pull out
a spoonful of ingredients topped with the yummy Yogurt effortlessly.

I ended up choosing fruits like 'Rock Melon', 'Kiwi' and 'Strawberries'
and 'Almond Brittle', topped with 'Caramel' the other day. Hmmm... the
sticky and sweet 'Caramel' sauce is simply unforgettable. And let me
put it this way, the yogurt over here isn't too sourish. It's as good as
the usual vanilla ice cream. And luckily, I have selected some sourish
fruits, otherwise it defects the purpose of buying and eating yogurt
under the murderous sun. I personally find the way they are preparing
and serving this to be pretty acceptable. Unlike some other yogurt
outlets out there, I always have the problem of wiping out the
ingredients too fast and enden up with a lump of yogurt during the
last few bites. Over here, it's the other way round. And wiping out a few
slices of fruits isn't as tedious as wiping out a lump of yogurt.

So where can you give the yogurt a good try?
The name of this shop would be 'llaollao'.
They currently have numerous outlets island wide. The above shows the
outlet located on level 1 of 'One@KentRidge'.

Opening Hours:
  • 11:00 - 22:00 Daily

* Click here for the Facebook page of 'llaollao Singapore'.

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