Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Atomic Bomb from the sky

The sky is full of glittering stars. However, an 'Atomic Bomb' has dropped from the sky last year. Therefore, I decided to give it a good try.

Here's my confession: My appetite is slightly bigger as compared
to a normal human being. Therefore I love restaurants that
provides unlimited portions of rice at no extra costs. Therefore
for the sake of the 'Atomic Bomb', I decided to give this place
a good try.

Over here, besides for the unlimited free flow of rice, you can
also get shredded cabbages for free too. But wait, unlimited free
flow of rice and shredded cabbages, isn't that one of the
characteristics of a Japanese 'Tonkatsu'(breaded, deep-fried pork
cutlet) restaurant.

That's probably why, they are providing the 'Sesame Sauce' for the
cabbages, 'Tonkatsu Sauce' and 'Seaweed Salt' on all the tables.

More than half of the items that are listed on the menu comes with
with a breaded deep fried cutlet.
The above shows 'Special Pork Loin Cutlet'.

The skin of the cutlet isn't too thick and at the same time isn't
too oily. On top of that, the sweet taste of the loin meat is a (+).
But most importantly, the chewy and crunchy meat is unforgettable.

'Piyo Piyo Minced Meat Cutlet'

This would be the 'Atomic Bomb' that I have mentioned earlier.
The core of this cutlet was made up of an fantastic boiled egg,
pretty much similar to those that you are getting from a bowl
of Japanese Ramen. And it's wrapped around a layer of minced
meat and topped with the breaded skin. And as you cut open
the cutlet, the creamy egg yolk started to flow out of the core,
which makes it look ultra yummy. The combinations looks pretty
interesting and it's pretty different from the average cutlet.
Not just being crunchy, there's also a chewy sensation and the
taste of it are pretty good. However, the portions are kinda
small and it will be great if they can throw in an extra cutlet
in the set meal.

'Jumbo Pork Loin Cutlet'
This is indeed a jumbo loin cutlet. The portion is big enough
to be shared by 2 individuals.

Besides for the 'Pork cutlets', they have also listed different
kinds of cutlets, e.g. 'Seafood cutlets', 'Chicken Cutlets', etc.
If you are hanging out nearby, do give the cutlets over here a
good try. :P

The name of this Japanese restaurant would be 'Imakatsu'.
It's located on level 1 of 'Star Vista'.

Opening Hours:
  • Lunch: 11:30 - 15:00
    Dinner: 18:00 - 22:00

* Click here to find out more about 'Imakatsu'.
^ Click here for the Facebook Page of 'Imakatsu'.
~ Click here for the location of 'Star Vista' on Google Maps.

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