Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Not really like a bowl of Yong Tau Fu...

Though the idea resembles a normal bowl of 'Yong Tau Fu' but if you take a look at it from a different angle, it might look alike but at the same time it's pretty different too.

The other day, my friend has mentioned about the uprising of such stalls
that are preparing and selling such a dish. I have seen quite a few near
my workplace but I have not given it a try. Hence that acts as the main
push for me to give it a try. And that uprising dish would be...

'Mala Hot Pot'(麻辣香鍋)
You can go for the dish only or you get top up a bit more for an extra
bowl of rice to go with it.

So what's so special about the this dish?
Over here in Singapore, you will be choosing the ingredients that you
want to have first. The selections that you can choose include the
different types of vegetables, seafood and meat. As you hand the
ingredients over to the helpers of the stall, they will calculate
the exact price of the dish and at the same time, they will ask you
for your desired level of spiciness. Since this is my first attempt
at this dish, I decided to go for the 3rd level. (The maximum they
have over here is level 5.)

The above shows the end product of my selection. This eventually
has changed into a bowl of stir fried ingredients topped with extra
ingredients like peanuts, sesame, sliced chillies, etc... topped with
their special blend of spicy sauce.

This is pretty new to me. The ingredients are slightly a bit wet, but
the chef has prepared it properly. None of the ingredients still has
the raw and cold touch, which is a (+). And since I have chosen a
variety of ingredients with a different texture, hence in every bite
I'm getting a sweet, spicy, crunchy, chewy sensation, which can be
pretty appealing to me. Not only the dish is pretty tasty, this bowl
of ingredients is big enough to be shared by 2 individuals. On top of
that, since these are ingredients that I have chosen, therefore these
are stuff that I like. :D Anyway I think that I can go for the level
4 or 5 of spiciness since the level 3 itself isn't fiery enough. :P

The above shows their charges for the individual plate of ingredients
over here. For the convenience of those that couldn't read Chinese, I
will break it down for you. Basically, vegetables are going for S$1
per plate, meat are mostly going for S$2 per plate, premium meat and
seafood are going for S$3 per plate. A bowl of rice over here would be
charge at S$0.50 each.

So where can you give this dish a good try?
The name of this stall would be 'Ri Ri Hong Mala Hot Pot'(日日紅麻辣香鍋).
It's located inside "People's Park Complex Food Centre".

  • Operating Hours:
    11:00 - 21:00 Daily
  • Their business was so good that they have 2 outlets in the same food centre to satisfy the big crowd.
  • Take note, most of the 'Mala Hot Pot'(麻辣香鍋) are doing things differently. I have seen stalls that allows you to pick and choose your own ingredients, which is chargeable by the weight, which can end up to be pretty costly. So do keep that in mind. :)
* Click here for the location of "People's Park Complex Food Centre" on Google Maps.

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