Thursday, 18 September 2014

How good can cheap be?

I was browsing around the web and I came across this unbelievable good promotion for 'Dim Sum'. Though it also comes with a 'Terms & Conditions', but it still makes it a pretty good promotion. But as usual, how good can cheap be? And that's something that I have found out the other day.

Since I'm having early lunch alone, therefore this table ended up to be pretty
comfortable and spacious. :D And since I'm in a Chinese restaurant, I must...

Being a tea lover, I just couldn't resist this. Unlike some other Chinese
restaurant, they have a separate menu for beverages over here. For me, it's
the tea menu that interest me the most. For this blend, it seems to be a
mixture of 'Chinese Green Tea' and 'Chinese Oolong Tea'. At least, that's
the impression that I was given when I was drinking and appreciating the tea.
There's this nice mixture of 'grassy' and 'sweet' taste. Not bad for a start. :D

Though it doesn't comes with a Chinese cup (which is rather smart, else for
heavy tea drinkers like me, we might be sitting there for ages), but it does
come with a big pot of hot water. Initially, I thought that I have to help
myself to the pot, but the service that the restaurant over here is so good
that I had my unlimited flow of good Chinese Tea, without touching the pot
at all. O.O Woo Hoo...

'Dim Sum'(点心)
These would be the 'Dim Sum' that I have ordered the other day.

'Steamed prawn dumpling with bamboo pith'(竹笙水晶虾饺皇)
Freshly steamed and served in a tray. These dumpling are deliciously good.
For a start, the skin isn't too soft and it doesn't stick onto the base of
the tray. As I pop one of them into my mouth, the generous serving of crunchy
prawns started jumping and bouncing around. The sweet and yummy sensation is
heavenly and 1 just couldn't stop at 3. I feel like placing a second order
for this. -.-""

'Deep-fried prawn dumpling served with Wasabi sauce'(芥辣明虾角)
Even though it's covered with a layer of 'Wasabi', but it doesn't comes with
irritating breath taking choking touch. In fact, the not so oily and yet crispy
skin is a big (+). Combined with the crunchy and delicious prawns just made
it better and better and irresistible.

So what's the catch for the cheap 'Dim Sum' selling @ $0.88?
  • It's limited to the first 2 orders of Dim Sum for the first 30 tables during Lunch hours only.
  • The promotion is valid till 31 Oct 2014.
  • Either ways, this still makes it a pretty good promotion. O.OV

So where can you give the delicious 'Dim Sum' a good try?
The name of this chinese restaurant would be 'Grand Mandarin'(御华庭).
It's located along 'New Bridge Road', which is also located opposite 'Pearl
Centre' and located near 'Outram Park MRT Station'.

Opening Hours:
  • Lunch: 11:30 - 14:30
    Dinner: 18:30 - 22:00 Daily

* Click here to find out more about 'Grand Mandarin'(御华庭).
^ Click here for the location of 'Grand Mandarin'(御华庭) on 'Google Maps'.

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