Friday, 19 September 2014

A 'Rich' Sushi... :P

As suggested by the title, the Japanese restaurant is slightly a bit more costly as compared to the average Japanese restaurant, but the portion and taste are reasonably good. :) By the way, before I move on further, the name of the Japanese restaurant would be '富寿し'(Tomi Sushi) and the Japanese Kanji '富' means 'wealth' or 'fortune'. Anyway, since I have a voucher, rather than wasting it, I decided to give this restaurant a try. :D

While waiting for my dinner, I was taking some random shots of the restaurant.
By the way, I only placed an order for an item on the menu. This might sounds pretty
unlike me, but it's the truth. Especially when...

Urm... A bowl, a tray, oh man how should I classify this? Anyway in order to
preserve the freshness of the raw cuts of the seafood, rather than handling the
customer a plate of raw cuts, they have made the extra effort placing the tray
on top of a bowl of ice to preserve the freshness and the moist texture of the
seafood. Anyway the cuts are pretty generous and not forgetting fresh. However
I have seen something far more better during my trip to Japan this year, but
in the local market, this is pretty good. :D

More raw seafood cuts, but this time round, it's prepared with Japanese Rice.
One thing I like about Japanese Rice would be the fact that it's sweet and it
doesn't stick unnecessarily. (That's probably why I love 'Yayoiken' that much.)

Hmmm... I love this, at least the rice/ingredients proportion are pretty good.
When I pop each of them into my mouth, there's a satisfying sensation and on top
of that, I'm not getting the feeling that there's too much rice in my mouth.

Anyway, this would be the rest of the items that comes in my order.

'寿し御膳'(Sushi Gozen)
This would be the name of the set meal that I have ordered. Though it wouldn't
be possible to cover all the Japanese cooking style in 1 single set meal, but
it has covered most of the common stuff. Besides for the 'Sashimi' and 'Sushi',
it also comes with 'Tempura', 'Chawanmushi'('Steam Egg served in a Tea Cup'),
'Miso Soup', etc... With a main dish and a few side dishes lying in front of me,
too bad I don't have enough space for another bowl of rice, else I would have
ordered it. At the end of this meal, I ended up leaving the place with a
satisfying smile and a happy stomach, which is the most important part of a meal. :)

The name of this restaurant would be '富寿し'(Tomi Sushi).
It's located on level 2 of 'Velocity Novena', which is located above 'Novena MRT'.

Opening Hours:
  • Lunch: 11:30 - 14:30
    Dinner: 18:00 - 22:00

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^ Click here to find out more about '富寿し'(Tomi Sushi).
~ Click here to find out more about 'Velocity Novena'.
# Click here for the location of 'Velocity Novena' on 'Google Maps'.

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