Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Spicy Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant: '上海宋记香辣蟹'

The type of Chinese food cuisine that this restaurant is currently serving is much more closer to a 'Sze Chuan' style as compared to a 'Shanghai' style. What means me think that the cuisine style is much closer to a 'Sze Chuan' style? This is because why we thought of the word 'Sze Chuan', it's pretty common that an individual will related the word to various kinds of spicy food. (I like spicy food.:D) And some of the highly recommended dishes of the restaurant were pretty Spicy. Yummy Yummy.

Enough talking... let's move on to the pictures. :D

Name of the dishes in this picture:
Top Left: 凉拌黄瓜
Top Right: 干煸四季豆
Bottom Left: ??
Bottom Right: 口水鸡
The starters were very delicious and just a plate of 干煸四季豆,
I can finish numerous bowls of rice already.

Name of this dish: 辣子鸡
When I saw this dish, I was surprised to see a plate full of
red-colored chilli's and my eyes were so so close to be popping out.
I thought that this was a fear facter game or something.
But the taste of the chicken was fantastic... I like :D

Name of this dish: 宋记香辣蟹
THe taste of the crab was pretty normal and I think the
vegetables that comes with it taste much better than the crab.

Name of this dish: ??
I don't remember the name of this dish but this was
probably one of the dishes that we have ordered and
at the same time not so spicy at all.

Name of this dish: ??
The main ingredients of this dish were mainly corn.
It's like a big pancake-shaped sweetcorn tempura.
Pretty nice and crispy. (And non-spicy.)

Name of this dish: 芽饭
This is pretty similar to the normal Chinese fried rice, but
the taste were very different. (I'm not going to describe the
taste here as everyone's opinion can be very different.)

Name of this dish: 冷面
This is something similar to a plate of '阳春面' with an minimum
amount of ingredients, but the taste is very good.
If no one's there to stop me, I might be sitting in a corner
ordering and eating 3 or more plates of this noodles.

Name of this dish: ??
Although this dish is slightly a bit spicy, but the taste
of the vegetables reminds me of the jelly-like vegetables
that you will have during a Chinese wedding dinner.
(Anyone can help me out here?)

Name of this dish: 炒马铃薯丝
Probably after eating all the spicy food,
one would find this dish to be pretty tasteless. :P

This is the how the interior of the 2nd floor of the restaurant
looks like. It can be pretty during weekdays and weekends, hence
I would highly recommend you to make a reservation a few days in
advance before turning up at the restaurant.

This would be the address of the restaurant.
It's located at the corner of Geylang Lorong 13.

Click here if you prefer looking at the Google Maps website for a more detailed map.
Click here to find out more about '上海宋记香辣蟹' in Singapore.

Please help me to fill in the names of the dishes if you know them.
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