Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Ramen for a real man - Bario

A few weeks ago, a new restaurant 'Ramen Champion' was opened in Iluma. This restaurant was pretty special as it's made up of 6 infamous Ramen restaurant of Japan. The names of the 6 Ramen restaurants are 'Bario','Menya Iroha','Ikkousha','Taishoken','Gantetsu' and 'TETSU'. As I had already eaten 'Iroha','TETSU' and 'Ikkousha' in Kyoto before, I decided to try 'Bario' this time round.

The following were photos I had taken at 'Ramen Champion':

This is the shop 'Bario'. Look at the long queue...

The purchasing system that they are using at 'Ramen Champion' were pretty special. A waiter will pass you a card at the entrance of 'Ramen Champion' and upon making a purchase at any one of the stores in 'Ramen Champion', you will be handing them this card to scan your purchases and they will be returning the card back to you. Upon exiting 'Ramen Champion' you will be giving back the card at the counter next to the exit and at the same time, you will have to pay for your purchases in 'Ramen Champion' too.
After placing your order for a bowl of Ramen, you will also be getting a circular black thing that looks like a dish. This thing will be blinking a red-colored light to inform you that you can go and collect your Ramen already.

This is the number 1 Ramen from Bario. There was a lot of beansprout in that 1 big bowl of Ramen. As for why did I take so many dishes of Garlic and Chilli, because...

this poster was posted on the wall of the 'Bario' Ramen shop. Because I wanted to become a 'Superman Bario' that is why I decided to take so many plates of Garlic and Chilli pepper. Time to eat before the Ramen turns cold.

Don't you agree that this is a interesting bowl? You can actually see the Japanese Kanji character that use to represent 'man'.

This will be the piece of evidence to prove how 'man' I was.

Actually, after eating the Ramen at 'Ramen Champion', the number 1 Ramen that I had eaten still continues to be 'Marutama' Ramen. And I personally find that the Ramen of 'Bario' to be pretty normal. But if I have time in the future, I might come back to 'Ramen Champion' to try a few more bowls of Ramen.

* Click here to find out more about the 'Ramen Champion' located at Iluma.

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