Monday, 23 May 2016

Who is Uncle Bern?

Some might wonder who is 'Uncle Bern'? Though most of us might have no idea who he is. But you might have eaten some of his earlier creations ('Botak Jones') before.

"Big Bern’s Fish & Chips"
Since I am given the chance to choose my own sides, I decided to go with the
'French Fries' and 'Double Baked Cheese Potatoes'(Mashed). For a start, the
'Potatoes' are pretty interesting. It also comes with onions which pretty
much explains why there's a crunchy touch on top of the mushy potatoes
texture. Not too bad for a start. The French Fries that comes with it are
pretty crunchy too. Though the 'Tartar sauce' isn't crunchy and delicious
enough, but the slices of 'Fried Fish' are worth a big (+). Not only they
are coated with a nice layer of bread crumbs, the flesh that was wrapped
inside it are pretty firm too. And not forgetting the generous portion
that comes with it. :D Not too bad for a dinner. :)

Their menu looks pretty interesting too, especially when they are offering a
much more bigger selection of food as compared to 'Botak Jones'.

So where can you give the food a good try?
The name of this stall would be "Big Bern's American Grill".
It's located inside a industrial canteen located at 'Toa Payoh North'.

  • Operating Hours:
    Daily: 11:30 - 21:00
* Click here to find out more about the "Big Bern's American Grill".
^ Click here for the 'Facebook' page of "Big Bern's American Grill".
~ Click here for the location of "Big Bern's American Grill" on 'Google Maps'.

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