Monday, 14 September 2015

The heaven of Skewered Food?

I love to eat Japanese Food. Therefore, from time to time, I will keep a lookout for new Japanese restaurants to try, and once I have the time, I will give some of them a good try. Therefore as for today...

'Cabbage with Japanese salt dressing'
The cabbage slices over here are not only salty, they are pretty
crunchy too. Not too bad for a start.

'Fried Garlic'
The size of these 'Fried Garlic' reminds me of sweets. And this is
the taste that guys would probably like. It's bitter and as you
started chewing away, there will be a nice fragrance bursting inside
your mouth.

Besides for the appetizers that are listed on their menu, there's also
an interesting list of side dishes too. For example, there's 'Karaage'
(Deep Fried Chicken), 'Chawanmushi', 'Gyoza', 'Hiyayakko'(Cold Tofu),
etc... And the specialities over here are...

It's not the 'Tsukune' but the...
(However, the rounded-shape 'Tsukune' balls are pretty delicious.
Hidden inside a layer of sweet sauce, are the juicy and chewy meat,
which is worth a big (+).)

'Skewered Food'
Besides for the 'Tsukune', they have also listed a big variety of
'Skewered Food'. There's vegetables choices, seafood choices and
most importantly, there's a big selections of 'Skewered Food', which
is made up of meaty and vegetables ingredients. On top of that, the
fatty chunks of chewy meat and pretty good too. :P

'Fuwa Fuwa Nabeyaki Udon'
The creamy Fluffy texture of the 'Udon' noodles are a (+), but if
you are thinking of eating more 'Skewered Food', I would strongly
encourage you not to order this dish. Especially when the portion
of this dish is slightly a bit too big and filling.

After giving so many dishes a good try, it's time to give the
'Desserts' a good try. And the sweet ice cream would be one of the
best choices listed on their menu.

The name of this restaurant would be 'Sumire Yakitori House'.
It's located on level 1 of 'Icon Village'.

Opening Hours:
  • Due to the location of the restaurant, the opening hours are slightly different. Do visit the Home Page of 'Sumire Yakitori House' for the opening hours of the restaurant.

* Click here to find out more about 'Sumire Yakitori House'.
^ Click here for the Facebook Page of 'Sumire Yakitori House'.
~ Click here to find out more about 'Icon Village'.
# Click here for the location of 'Icon Village' on Google Maps.

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