Wednesday, 16 September 2015

R.I.P...... :P

It rhymes. And the post today has something to do with the word R.I.P. And it's actually not one but many many R.I.P... lol

They have populated the walls over here with lots of posters that consist of all
these interesting pick up lines. I was pretty amused with some of the posters
hanging on the wall over here. :D

Most of the customers over here are going for the ...


more 'Ribs'...

so many 'Ribs'...
They are not only preparing 1 type of ribs. There's actually 5 different types of
'Ribs' that one can try over here. And I have given all 5 different types of 'Ribs'
a good try already. :D

'Signature Hickory BBQ Sticky Bones'
If you are into thick smoked 'Ribs', this is the thing for you. Not only it's coated
with this thick BBQ sauce, the overall taste of the 'Ribs' are pretty solid too. And
frankly speaking, the sauce itself is a bit too thick for me and in fact it's so
thick that I think I will have problem finishing 1/2 a slab of this.... :|

'Garlic BBQ Spare Ribs'
Out of all the 5 different flavors that they are offering over here, I guess this is
the easiest to be accepted by everyone. And I don't find it spicier and as funky as
the other flavors that they are offering over here.

'Tuscan Baked Spicy Spare Rib'
This is the most funkiest version of 'Ribs' that I have ever tried till date. Probably
because I myself isn't a big fan of Tomatoes for a start. But as compared to the taste
of the 'Ribs' the taste of the 'Tomatoes' are far too overpowering, which to a certain
extent makes me wonder what am I eating? A chewy 'Tomatoes' or ...?

'Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs'
Though it might look fiery but the appearance can be deceiving. I'm getting the nice
sweet taste of the BBQ sauce but I'm not getting the fiery sensation that I'm expecting.
Pretty disappointing for a 'Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs'.

Last but not least would be my favorite, which is...
'Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs'
The 'Ribs' comes with this nice blend of both sweet and spicy taste, topped with a very
nice aroma too. Personally, I find this the best out of all 5 flavors. It's giving the
nice spicy sensation that I like, topped with a moderate level of sweetness, which
makes this a pretty big (+).

The texture of all the 'Ribs' over here are pretty tender and not forgetting the juicy
and chewy meat that goes around the bones. In fact, probably it's due to the fact that
I'm ordering 1/4 slab at a time, therefore I don't have any difficulty ripping the meat
and the bones apart since they are served 'fresh' too. :D

All the 'Ribs' sums up to a 'Boney Hill'...

'Red Skin Mashed Potato'
If you are hoping that this would ended up to be pretty much similar to those that you
are getting out there, you will be so so disappointed. Slightly a bit more dry than those
that comes with a sauce, the ones over here has a thicker texture and it's much more
thicker in taste too. And not forgetting much more filling too. =.="" But it comes with
the skin too, which makes this pretty indulging.

'Corn Bread'
They should categorize this as a 'Muffin' rather than a bread. The fluffy texture that
goes on top and the nice sweet fillings that rest at the bottom, simply makes this a
pretty interesting combination. Not too bad for a 'Bread'. :D

'Soup of the Day'
Seems like a rich vegetable soup to me, but I personally find the next soup to be far
more superior than this. And superior over here doesn't mean that it's richer in taste,
I find the texture to be much more better too.

'Mushroom Soup'
The creamy soup that comes with a rich mushroom taste simply makes every single scoop
better and better. I wanted to go for a second helping but unfortunately this is the
last few bowls of the day, which is kinda sad. :(

I wanted something refreshing and cooling to act as a full stop to my pleasant dining
experience over here and this has fit in perfectly. Though this still couldn't replace
a scoop of ice cream completely, but it isn't that bad either. :)

So where can you give all these delicious mains and sides a good try?
Just a signboard...

The name of this restaurant would be "Morganfield's".
The above shows the branch located at 'The Star Vista'.

  • Operating Hours:
    Sundays - Thursdays: 11:00 - 23:00
    Fridays, Saturdays, Eve of Public Holidays: 11:00 - 24:00
  • If you want to give the 'Ribs' over here a good try, give the 'Weekend Ribs Buffet' a shot. It's the best opportunity which allows you to give all the 'Ribs' and quite an variety of side dishes a good try, without burning a big hole in your wallet. :D
* Click here to find out more about the "Morganfield's".
^ Click here for the 'Facebook' page of "Morganfield's".
~ Click here for the list of good bites that you can find and get around 'The Star Vista'.

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