Sunday, 22 January 2012

A good rival

What makes a good competitor good? Well, if you have seen the movie 'Chicken Rice War' before, you could easily identify a bad competitor. So what makes a good competitor good?

Before I move on to the step of explaining what makes a good competitor good, let us take a look at some photos of food first...
Chicken Chop Hor Fun.
So what's a 'Hor Fun'?
Basically, it's a plate of rice noodles that comes with a brownish soup.
Ingredients like sliced fish, pork meat, prawns, octopus and vegetables
were also included in it. I would highly recommend you to add some green
chilli's to eat to enhance the taste of a plate of 'Hor Fun' even further.

So what makes this plate of 'Chicken Chop Hor Fun' special?
Basically it is similar to a plate of 'Hor Fun' except for the fact that
you will be getting a big piece of crunchy chicken chop instead of all the
fanciful ingredients like sliced fish, pork meat, prawns and octopus.

So back to our main subject, what makes a good competitor good?

The name of the stall would be 'Rong Ji'(榮記).
Basically the answer to my question got something to do with the location
of this stall. This stall was located at Changi Village and it is located

Basically, both stalls were selling similar food items and if I'm not
mistaken, both stalls have their own group of 'followers'. As for myself,
I think that both stalls were equally good though. As for the answer to
the question of a good competitor, basically the owners of both stalls
were busy chatting away rather than quarrelling and fighting away.
I will not be surprise if the owners were hanging out together also.

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