Saturday, 23 January 2016

Maximum number of Soups...

When one has the hunger for a bowl of Chinese Soup, where would be the best place to go? Well if you ask a hundred person the same question, you might ended up getting a hundred different answers. However, what I'm introducing today has something to do with a bowl of soup... :D

'Herbal Turtle Soup Meal'
Not sure how the bowl of soup will ended up to be, but usually I will order a bowl of
rice to goes with the bowl of soup. I still miss the good old days of soaking the bowl
of rice in the tasty soup. :D

Hmm... pretty hard to see what's inside. Let me scoop out some of the ingredients...

Just by taking a look at the ingredients that I'm scooping out of the bowl, frankly
speaking, I have difficulty figuring which is which. But one thing that I can easily
identify would be the fact that there's a good mixture of different types of turtle
meat been added into the bowl of soup. There's the gelatinous bits, the meaty stuff
and a bit of boney stuff.

Soup wise, I love the thick herbal taste that comes in every single scoop. Even
though it's a sunny day, but the tasty sensation that just get better and better
as I dig towards the bottom of the bowl. Though it's a bit bitter but there's a
nice sweet taste hidden inside the bowl of soup too. Too bad it wasn't a rainy day,
else I would have...

So where can you give this bowl of soup a good try?
The name of this stall would be 'Very Lucky Turtle Soup'(狀幸運山瑞).
It's located inside 'Berseh Food Centre'.

  • Operating Hours:
    Thursdays - Tuesdays: 11:30 - 10:30
    (Closed on Wednesdays)
  • Besides for 'Turtle' soup, there's 'Duck' soup, 'Black Chicken' soup, etc... Not too bad for a stall.
* Click here for the location of 'Berseh Food Centre' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that you can get in 'Berseh Food Centre'.

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