Monday, 15 December 2014

Not enough...

What is not enough? That would be the size of our stomach. Actually, we had a Karaoke session a few months ago. After that, we decided to settle our dinner at a place nearby...

We ended up choosing this.
The name of this 'Japanese Buffet Restaurant' would be 'Kiseki'.
It's located on level 8 of 'Orchard Central'.

The wide selection of food over here is worth a very big (+).

For example, there's 'Chilled Seafood',

'fried small bites',

'Dessert', 'Fruits', etc...
They even have 'Soy Milk' over here too.

Even the 'beverages' selection over here can be pretty amazing.
There's 'Tea', 'Coffee', 'Juices', 'Soft Drinks', etc...

...However, the tables here are slightly a bit too small for the
4 of us. But 1 thing that I would like to compliment would be the
choices over here. There's 'Oden'(Boiled ingredients served in a
broth), 'Gyoza'(Dumplings), 'Hot Pot', etc... In other words,
though the food over here isn't super fantastic, but there's lots
of choices for you to choose, which is pretty satisfying. The
biggest weakness would be the size of our stomach isn't big enough
to outbeat all the different choices. Isn't it great if a human
being can have 2 interchangeable stomachs, then you would have
more than enough space to give all the different interesting food
options out there a good try?

Note: I personally find the service of this restaurant to be pretty
good. When we were placing an order for a glasses of water after
10pm, the waiter actually went down and bought us bottles of water
for free, which is a pretty rare sight nowadays.
Opening Hours:
  • Lunch:11:30 - 15:00(Last Order:14:30)
    Dinner:18:00 - 22:30(Last Order:21:30)

* Click here to find out more about 'Kiseki'.
^ Click here for the Facebook page of 'Kiseki'.
~ Click here for the location of 'Orchard Central' on Google Maps.

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