Thursday, 19 June 2014

Coz it's West Co'z...

Previously known as 'Ginza Plaza', which is more commonly known as a 'gaming heaven' for gamers, especially when there's a bigger ratio of 'LAN gaming shops' as compared to any other types of shops. It has undergo big changes and the 'gaming heaven' back then has changed drastically into a shopping mall and the same building has also changed it's name into 'West Coast Plaza' too.

'Sambal Kang Kong'
Not bad for a fusion food restaurant. For a start, the 'Sambal Kong Kong'
didn't end up to be too watery/soggy. The stalk still have this crunchy
touch. Though it's a big disappointment to me, but the spicy taste of this
dish is just right, not too spicy and not too bland. :D

'Curry Fish Head'
This would be the highlight of this post. This would be the main reason
why we were dining over there the other day.

For a start, just the generous portion of vegetables that were added into
the claypot can help you to clean up a plate of rice easily. There's
'Lady's Fingers', 'Fried Beancurd', 'Brinjal', etc... Before you dig into
the plate of 'white rice', do remember to topped it up with a scoop of the
thick, milky, tasty and not too spicy gravy of the 'Curry Fish Head'. :P

As for the 'Fish Head' itself, The taste of the gravy has blend into the
flesh of the fresh 'Fish Head' thoroughly. :) Not only it tastes good, the
portion is pretty generous too and best of all, the 'Price is Right'. :D

So where can you give these dishes a good try?
The name of this place would be "West Co'z Cafe".
It's a place that specialize in both 'Chinese' and 'Thai' food,
basically fusion cuisine and it's located on the top floor of
'West Coast Plaza'.

  • Operating Hours:
    11:30 - 21:30 Daily
  • By the way, this place can be pretty crowded during dinner. The other day, the crowd is so bad that they have to open up a few more tables along the corridor to minimize the number of disappointed and hungry customers.
* Click here to find out more about "West Co'z Cafe".
^ Click here for the 'Facebook' page of "West Co'z Cafe".
# Click to find out more about 'West Coast Plaza'.

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