Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What's with the dancing Bee?

Pretty much similar to the kids in Singapore grown up eating "McDonald's", the locals in Philippines grown up with 'this'. So what's so fascinating about 'this'? That's gonna be something that we will be exploring in this post...

This would be the mascot of...

Before I move on to the food itself, there's another obstacle that I have to
overcome first. And that would be...

the crazy long queue...
Even though there are 6 counters over here, but the queue is complete madness.
Just inside the restaurant itself, rather than queueing up in a straight line,
they are twisting and turning the line a few times. On top of that, the queue
will continue all the way to the empty space next door and it started twisting
and turning again... Even though the queue move in a relatively fast manner, but
I still ended up queueing for an hour or so during a Sunday afternoon. =.=

'2 piece Chicken Meal'
The set comes with a fizzy soft drink(the choices of the soft drink are pretty
much similar to those that you are getting at 'KFC') and...

A lump of white rice, a bowl of gravy and also 2 pieces of 'Crispy Chicken'.
Initially, I also thought that it was supposed to be a 'Whipped Potato', but
as I open up the container, I realised that it's merely gravy. My expression
were pretty much similar to (O.o)? As I ripped open the lump of rice, then I
realised that most likely I can choose to either dip pieces of 'Chicken' into
the sauce or pour it all over the rice(which works kinda similar to 'Curry').

Taste wise, the crispy and not too oily crunchy skin is pretty good. Topped
with the tender and juicy meat just makes it even much more better. As I dipped
it inside the sweet gravy, the taste of the gravy kinda reminds me of the
gravy of the 'Whipped Potato' of 'KFC'... I guess the 2 piece 'Chicken' meal
works pretty much similar to a normal 'Western set meal', you are suppose to
have the 'Chicken' with the rice and the gravy. Otherwise you might ended up
like me, eating a lump of white rice with gravy all over it. =.="" This is
pretty okay, but it might be much more interesting if I have eaten it with
the delicious pieces of 'Chicken'. :P

Currently, they only have an outlet in Singapore. It's located on level 6
of 'Lucky Plaza' shopping centre, which is located along 'Orchard Road'.

  • Operating Hours:
    09:00 - 21:00
  • Whatever you do, try to avoid the weekends. Otherwise, you will be amazed with the big crowd of people queueing up outside the restaurant.
* Click here to find out more about 'Jollibee' in Singapore.
^ Click here for the location of 'Lucky Plaza' on Google Maps.
~ Click here for the list of delicacies that you can find and get in 'Lucky Plaza'.

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