Saturday, 25 January 2014

Silently taking over your neighbourhood....

There used to be a period of time where every single neighbourhood has a old school bakery shop. But with the increase in numbers of branded pastry shops like (Ex: 'Bread Talk', 'Prima Deli', etc...), maintaining a neighbourhood pastry shop becomes far more difficult. However...

They have common stuff like...
'Durian Bun'(Huh???)
(Lol, in what way is a 'Durian Bun' common?)
Anyway, initially I thought that it will be much more sticky, but it ended
up to have a jam like durian filling inside. By taking a bite off the bun,
I'm already getting the strong durian breath, which is quite a surprise.
As compared to a real durian, which requires a bit of 'hard work', this is
a good alternative as and when you are hungry for 'Durians'.

'Hokkaido Cake'
I don't really see the link between this and 'Hokkaido', but though the
overall taste is sweet and the texture is fluffy, I think that it's not
as interesting as the...

When I'm eating this, it makes me feel as if I am 'Doraemon'.
(The Japanese Manga/Comic or Cartoon/Anime character 'Doraemon' is
addicted to this delicious pastry.)

Basically it's 2 pieces of mini pancake like patties wrap around a filling.
Back then, you would only be getting 'Red Bean' filling only but...

Though the overall look of the 'Dorayaki' might be pretty much the same, but
over here there's like more than 7 different flavours to choose from. There's
fruity flavours like 'Durian', 'Mango', 'Blueberry', etc, and sweet delights
like 'Chocolate', 'Custard', 'Red Bean', etc... I ended up trying the 'Red
Bean' and the 'Cranberry with Cheese Dorayaki'. Though these are small costly
pastries but the taste is relatively good. The pancake like patties were nice
and fluffy and they are pretty generous with the fillings too. The 'Cranberry
Dorayaki' has small chunks of fruit slices and cream inside it, therefore
it ended up to be both sweet and refreshing. If they are going to reduce the
price of these devilish 'Dorayaki' even further, I seriously wouldn't mind
getting 1 or 2 for high tea every single day.

The name of this pastry shop would be 'Bakery Cuisine'.
The above shows the outlet located on level 1 of 'Buona Vista MRT' and
I was looking at their website and it seems that they currently have
more than 25 outlets islandwide.

  • Operating Hours:
    Varies and most of the outlet will be opened till 9pm.
* Click here to find out more about 'Bakery Cuisine'.
^ Click here for the Facebook Page of 'Bakery Cuisine'.

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